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Yet, I’m still in the same place. I realize this is somehow rare and have spent some time thinking about why I’m still here.

Arrived out of curiosity to see how decentralization and blockchain works when it's mixed with social media, apps and all of that stuff and see if I could be part of it in some way without knowing anything from inside.

I try to learn what's within my reach and I think that even if it's a matter of luck, nothing is by chance, here nothing is invented, it's discovered.

Work specialization has taken us along quite risky paths and although I'd like this to be a job I like even more the idea of the side hustle but I know it's not just up to me, we all know this business isn't what it used to, I've seen wonderful people come and go as well as others buying positions, hypocrisy and stupidity in abundance, a lot of arrogance too, as well as self-blowjobs, nonetheless my whole experience has been quite pleasant.

Honestly, I have no idea about the issues related to forking, powering down and all that, and I don't think that if what's intended is get more people in here or create a community sense, everyone has to know all that internal information, pick a side, learn to code or read hieroglyphs.

We've already seen the evils occurred when trying to force everyone to think in a certain way, there are times when correct and comfortable don't coincide, I know I've been wrong many times and I'll be wrong again but either you earn or learn, losing more than once is optional, except life, you cannot lose that twice.

To be free is a security and to be safe entails freedom, inside skin you're the boss, ego is inflated like a balloon but the world is full of needles, most people don't want freedom, just righteous owners.

I propose to stop a moment to reflect, since we may know something simply because we suffer it in our flesh, but that doesn't mean that we understand it, we read in order to change our minds, cultivating culture, what we see now is just chaos, but if we dare to keep looking, universes will grow from it.

I've already left enough crumbs and traces to understand where I stand, this maybe a very selfish post, don't think it need any more ornaments, don't have much more to say for today, anyway I was losing the points again.



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