The secret silver lining I find amidst the Steem nosedive

in #steemlast year (edited)

In my eyes the strong decline of the Steem price has always been a blessing in disguise.

The more obvious blessing is that hadn't it been for the slump I would have had an extremely more challenging time in building myself a perfect fundament in terms of SP as well as in terms of leaving some niche-specific footprint with my content.

The content inundation that would have continued to take place with a high Steem price, thus greater user activity, would have made for a minimum visibility of my writings even within the more rarely used "spiritual" and "psychology" tag feed, while at the same time the availability and potential receival of votes would have also been much more scarse.

Not to even mention that the short-lived nature of content visibility would have made unique opportunities that should decisively shape my future success on the platform, for example discovering the tribesteemup project and taking the initiative to join, very difficult to glimpse. Or my chances to join would have been far slimmer due to a vaster competition field of quality content creators.

Looking for and focusing on the silver lining in the seeming Steem price nosedive of course requires some type of faith. For me, faith in the platform itself has been rather secondary. Primary is my faith in the ability to create myself a reality aligned with joy from the heart.

All backed by life experiences awakening dormant memory of the energetic nature behind everything combined with exceptional dream events and trusting their message. The product of all this to me leaves no room for doubt about my life's success.

The more hidden blessing the Steem downtrend had in store for me is that I could silently create my place here with almost nobody noticing.

While I do enjoy writing, I mainly write for myself with no real intention to attract an audience or conduct impelled networking with other people. Although I find reading and replying to thoughtful comments pleasant, especially at a lower posting frequency, I am by no means a blogging or social media enthusiast. I prefer living life offline to my best capability and delight in from a modern perspective antediluvian relics like books, printed magazines or fountain pens with cartridge and inkwell. Using the contemporary technologised alternatives diminishes my attention to detail and finding beauty in it, making for a personally more lacklustre experience.

What I am also enthusiastic about, however, is my freedom in all life aspects. Therefore I accept the state-of-the-art paid social media compromise, knowing that in order to attain this freedom I have to make at least some temporary cuts in my hankering for drifting away into a world modelled in accordance with my quaint romanticism.

This is why I find "solace“ in the fact that I will have completed the arduous building period before mass adoption sets in. The decreasing Steem price and user activity allowed me to treat the paid social media compromise in the most rapid, frictionless way with the least inner resistance.

When myriads of people will overzealously create content vying for attention and votes, I will have my peace and can allot my time spent online more relaxedly and balanced.

From experimenting with several types of content and posting rhythms to playing around with curation mechanisms, exploring and grasping the essentials of the Steem ecosystem I feel like I have made all adjustments necessary to watch things unfold in the most equilibrated and stressless way.

There won't be any need for me to be constantly glued to the screen in order to keep abreast of the movement in the online world.

If there is something I should know about I am sure the information will find me just in time.

I am perfectly happy with where I am with my blog.

On a more trivial note, I always thought that my SP should be relatively in concert with my reputation score. The more SP at a lower reputation score the better, which is another reason why I curbed my posting frequency and levelled up my curation efforts.

Leaving some room for growth in terms of the reputation score also has relevance for me because otherwise the joy of progress I find in the playful nature of the Steem system would be too quickly exhausted.

Deceleration is my keyword at the moment.

Without it the awareness of how much progress I actually made toward freedom won't take shape properly.

Even after more than three months of heavily winding down my pace on the platform I feel like there is still ample relaxation leeway to tap into.

It just takes time for the soothing energy to trickle through.


Images: Unsplash and Flickr


Wow, this frog is beautiful. When i visit the lake Neusiedler this spring again i hope i will finde some gree tree frogs that i can take a picture of. Last year they where very cute.

Yes, I like frogs a lot. The red-eyed tree frog endemic to Central and South America is probably my favorite, but all frog species have very unique and likeable characteristics. :)

WOW !!!
What beautiful are these tree frogs!
I would love to see them in nature!
And the photos, of course, are also beautiful :-)))

Thanks. Red-eyed tree frogs, as depicted in the images, are very special amphibians. They are home in Central and South America, and of course discovering some in their natural habitat, which is swampy rainforest regions, must be very exciting. Nonetheless, they are also true eyecatchers in terrarium cultivation. :)

Thank you very much for the information!

Hi Alex
It has been a while since our last communication. I saw the comment you made to help me (abt 4 months ago) and was wondering how you are. I found it strange that I have not seen any of your posts on my new post feed.

Reading this post was good, for it shows you have remained balanced and you have not abandoned the platform.

I hope to see some more of your posts as we go along. I have not been doing much in Steemit, only concentrating on posting my books (separate accounts here for the books, with larger posts so that those who enjoy reading can do so.)

I have also blocked all payments to me, so it means SP and Rep are now static. Doing so has released me from the pressures of trying to do well (in the 'competition').

Alex (Arthur)

Thanks for the nice words.

Over the last weeks, and especially since September, I have been focusing on finding my balance in the online world and on Steemit irrespective of the platform's success. Stopping to tell myself I have to deliver content within a specific self-imposed time window and instead returning into an equilibrated mindset without strings of forcefulness attached. I now post much more rarely without any strict rhythm, which allows me to create in a very relaxed state without pressure and find more fulfillment in my creative work once done. Stress energy accumulated can finally drain off and make room for mental clarity and silence. Decelerating allows me to lean more into the feeling of what I have and being able to feel deeper gratitude for it. When there were times that I felt like not having enough, now I feel like I almost have too much. Or better, I feel exactly perfect where I am. I feel much better. We both seem to walk in the same direction yet in unique, equally valid ways :)

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