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RE: Improving the Steem Torch Experiment

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Pretty cool! Steem is definitely better than the lightning network, that's for sure. I had 200,000 satoshis disappear one day when trying to "refill a LN wallet" and I have no idea where they went : /


that does not sound right...
It can't physically disappear. All LN tx are just onchain tx that at getting swapped...
If anything if this on the client end you should report it. What wallet did you use.
I have a feeling I know what wallet it is but want to make sure.

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It was "Blue wallet". One of these days I'll post the tx data on steem but it was weird I did the exact same thing I did the first time and it failed. But yeah you're right I will try to escalate it with the company. I left a bad review about it, figured they would reach out but I guess not. Now that BTC is seemingly back on the rise even 0.002 is gonna be nice to hodl (:

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knew it..
That is not a problem with LN but the wallet.
Blue wallet was having a major sync error in their database count so that no matter how much you paid the bitcoin wouldn't even show up in your wallet.

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Have you ever heard of them issuing refunds?

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Yep. If need be I know some of the people. Email then about it with some proof of deposit...

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I don’t see any kind of support button or email in their app, only telegram. Do I really need to reach out for support via telegram? lol

Ok great thanks for your help dude!