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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

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Hi @coach.piotr

Being a part PH family I am aware of all this and I have long term goals on this platform.

Some members have been with Project.Hope since the very beginning and they invested a huge amount of time and energy to help our community get where we are today. Naturally I will prioritize them over new/fresh members.

This is right that we at PH have some goal and people who have been part of this since the beginning will get preference. I completely agree with you on this.

I need you all to understand that I'm investing a tremendous amout of time and energy into building the PH community. Attracting more delegations and expanding curation trail = directing a large part of inflation into our community. And as you all may imagine - I need to think long-term.

I like this thought that whatever reward is given should not be dumped in the market and if someone does it then its abuse of the reward and support by PH. We need to understand and follow it strictly. I follow it and I also keep on powering up as and when I get enough of liquid and have no plans to power down. In fact, my liquid tokens also move to my SP through power-up.

We have come a long way but certainly, we need to go far away and for that we need to have long term vision. All these things you mentioned are needed for us to take PH forward.

Thanks for the great work Piotr.