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RE: Progress being made

in #steemlast year

Let me tell you have not the Spirit of Blockchain.

You just have the Spirit of Greed in your acting.

That is not a problem for itself for me, should everybody do what he want. But we reacting like you see direct and clear i hope.

Now you censored my last post here on Steem. This was the first time after 2 long hard and funny years of blogging i was censored.

I am not "just" alone here on Steem to get money for my work.

So i had not going on Facebook and all the other shit platform of asozial acting.

I am here for #freespech unimportant what i say about anything. That is what you never will get.

Wish you a good time with your toy now.



PS: You are one of a handfull persons of hundrets i dislike in this 2 years. Congrats.