Editing Other Photographer's Photos And Posting Them As Your Own.

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I am seeing some things happening with posting on Steemit. Aside from all the other FUD that is being talked about right now, like the sale of Steemit.com to Justin Sun. The SF some of the witnesses have done and the worries of what will happen.

I now think there is another deception happening here on Steemit. People seem to be posting photos and calling them there own, as they do not post the source of the photo and then it is an assumption that they are the person that took the photo. I have seen this in some of the photo communities here on Steemit.

I guess with technology there are many things that can be done, like the use of photo editors, saving a photo to the computer and then editing that picture and posting it as your own. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Picture is from this website
Where the picture came from!
This is a photo editing site!

I then take this same picture using the photo editor and I make this photo, from the above photo!

Does this make it ok to post it on Steemit and really call it my own? I mean I found it and edited to make it what I wanted to fit my storyline or I edited it to black and white to post it. In my honest opinion, I will have to say, NO! It is an edited photo from another source! The same goes for text in a post on Steemit!

It Is Not My Photo!

I did not go to the location and shoot this photo so it is not mine, I would say the same applies to anyone else posting photos on the Steem blockchain. I would say the definition of being your own photo is you going and taking a picture with your camera, smartphone, or whatever you use to take photos with.

With this being said, I will be looking into some more tools to find out if this is done with photos being posted on Steemit before I upvote photos. The tools I have been using works, to a point, but it seems they may miss some photos that have been done this way, as it has been brought up recently in the community that I curate for.

If you are doing this it is wrong and if I see photos like this I will report them to @steemcleaners. There are many of us that are working hard to make Steemit the best it can be and the few are just trying to milk the system for all they can get. This is the definition of "Theft By Deception!" By using other's work to enrich your account or put money in your pocket.

If you use other photographer's photos source them correctly and give them the credit for the photo that they have taken. That is the right way to use someone else's photos in your posts! Do not sell your integrity for a few cents that a post on Steemit might bring you at this time by doing this wrong, it will only hurt you in the end! If it is worth doing, then do it right!

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I think in whatever way you use others pictures and not giving the Source is wrong. When I was completely new here on steemit I remember I used some coffe gifs in a post from 🤔 Google I think, didn't know that I had to use a source. But then I came into a community and learned how it was done. From that day I used my own pictures usually nature or my dog. And silver posts and use Source on information I use. I have to say this was interesting, I knew you could edits your pictures in the Phone or apps but that others pictures can be edits and show as your own? Good to know.
Thank you for sharing this and making us aware 👍 have a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌹

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Thanks for reading! I want users to know this so maybe they will check up on the photo posts they upvote. I hope users stop this as it only hurts themselves in the long run.

Depends on how creative a person is. If they take 3 or four photos, chop em up and make something entirely new, I can't really give credit to the photographers for their art. But in your instance given, where it is just a filter or crop, by all means, credit should be given where it is due. I know sites like deviantart or splashbucket, many of the artists or photogrpahers have things like free to use or free to use with credits. Same in the music industry. I look for free beats quite a bit for jams and such and if there is nothing that says please give me credit for this piece, I don't bother. The last one I did, I used from Vendetta Beats who are pretty big on YouTube. They put out tons of free to use material but ask for credits.

There are many different scenarios here, I know! The instance I was referring too, is the one that was happening. I still like to source where I get a photo, gif, or whatever, from anyway unless I take it myself at this point. I mean if you spent the time to search for a photo or something, what is 30 seconds to add a source to that photo? I guess, if they do not ask for credit then it might not matter to them if you do or not. There are many free to use with no credit required, Yes, personally I like to just go ahead and include a source that way there is no questions asked. It is a matter of opinion, that is what it really boils down too.

If you are entering a contest and it requires a photo you took yourself, don't cut up someone else's work and pass it as your own! I mean in life we have our word and our integrity, a few prizes from photo contest here are not worth giving that up, just my opinion though!

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