Justin Sun "Fake It Until You Make It!" Is That What You Are Doing?

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I have been watching this "Takeover" of the Steem blockchain go on since the beginning. Check the caption under the photo! I do not know if that is actually a quote from Justin Sun or not. It sure seems to be his idealogy here when he is talking about this "Hostile Takeover Of Steem!"


“Fake it until you make it.”
Photo Courtesy of CoinChoose.

Justin Sun seems to be pushing really hard for the quick power-down for the exchanges Steem. As in the meeting last night with Rob from Tron that is where the emphasis was mainly from Tron.

The question I have is, does he want this for the purpose of getting back the exchanges Steem for their customers or is it because with that advantage of the quick power-down he can use that Steem again to hold the Steem blockchain hostage whenever he wants too. Powering down enough to maybe keep investors happy wanting some of their Steem. Quieting the few that are now rising a fuss about all this.

I found an article about Justin Sun's arrest!
Go take a moment and read this as I believe you will find it interesting and maybe quite enlightening!

I want to give you a few quotes from that post!

"The TRON office was allegedly an illegal gambling den operated by the Macau gangster founders of DragonCoin, an ICO that supposedly raised $407 million in 2017 and used the money to pump TRON. We later learned that DragonCoin was created by Justin’s mentor Jack Ma, who was operating under the name “Broken Tooth."

"Police also raided Justin Sun’s bedroom at his adopted father CZ’s house, where he stored 90% of the TRX token supply on a Nano Ledger hardware wallet under his twin-sized mattress. The amount of these tokens were more than enough for the police to shut down the TRON Gambling Network for good."

The article also went on to say that this was the biggest bust since that thing with Bitconnect in 2017. Also arrested with Justin Sun was Carlos Matos which lost all his money in the Bitconnect scam.

"The reporters discovered from former TRON CTO, Zhiqiang Chen, that TRON, which had masqueraded as a decentralized Blockchain, was actually a highly centralized network that only had 27 validator nodes, known as SR’s. These SR’s were elected by community voting; 1 TRX equivalent to 1 vote. We learned that Justin Sun owned 90% of the token supply, and therefore 90% of the voting power. Because of this, police were able to seize control of all 27 SR’s and pass a proposal to effectively kill TRON."

Go read this article as it has many other interesting things in it. I think it will give you much more insight to who Justin Sun really is and what he is trying to do here on the Steem blockchain and why he really bought Steemit.com.

Here is some more info on the DragonCoin if you want to know more about it.
The DragonCoin was created mainly for the gambling industry. here is an article with some info on that coin!

I thought you might find this post interesting and it might give some of you some insight on Justin Sun and Some of the things he is working to do. I think he wants Steemit to be the next Tron. I do not want that and I believe many of the community members do not want it either. I do not think that all the witnesses that Justin Sun put into place were from the result of our top 20 witnesses freezing his stake. I think it was a plan all along and we were not a pushover and we called him on it. Making the exchanges look bad in their customer's eyes for using their funds for a "Hostile Takeover" of Steem and putting out what was going on all over social media sites so people could see what was really happening.

I am not sure of a solution for all of this mess on the Steem blockchain as I think we are in a catch 22 position with it as of now. Just keep up the fight and try to find a way to keep what we have. I mean really how do you negotiate with a shameless and selfish person. I guess at this point with the "Negotiations" being the way they are it might be better just to sit back and watch. See what happens when people start wanting their funds from Binance and the other markets. I mean is it not really on them for screwing with other people's money on the exchanges?

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I don't know what type of person he is but yeah it does seem to be an approach of his for dealing with all of this commotion.
Future will make things more clear as He will do more stuff.

For new readers, this article is satire and for entertainment purposes only. Coin Jazeera is a satirical crypto news site.

You almost had me fooled.

He fooled me.

Always read the fine print.

I got ahead of myself because I hate robbers like Sun that much.

Lol, I thought everyone that knew crypto knew of coinjazeera!

I'm still trying to figure out if the author knew or got duped.

Either way it is depressing...

Still not as bad as that time my cat died...

... Lol or not... Now I'm lost for words...

At least you're not lost back words.

No, not duped! I have a post coming out later.
I am working on it now.
It is good to see some research going on and checking things out.
At least there is some knowledge about things out there.

It was kinda to let people know things are not always what they seem.
There are always two sides to a coin. When in doubt ask a question.
The only dumb question is one not asked.

I was not going to reply to comments but I needed to answer a couple here.

I don't know if more funny is this article itself or the fact it's so easy to believe it's more than just a joke :D

If you can't comprehend, you just can't. I got tricked by it, but " also raided Justin Sun’s bedroom at his adopted father CZ’s house" did raise an eyebrow. ;-)

Satire, almost gotcha me 😂

Coinjazeera is pretty popular crypto satire website... It's pretty well known for a bit of laugh in the crypto community.!

Even if this is a joke, shouldn't Sun be arrested for stealing?

Ahahahahahahahaha I almost believed this, but upvoting for no reason.

The way I see it now the longer this goes on the more we see deeper into the Tron project and for me thats good, this is a sort of forced transparency. As long as you keep your ground his going to keep pivoting until he gets what he wants, by hook or by crook and this could get even messier

I appreciate you bringing some of this information to light... it certainly helps explain why I've always felt a bit of a "sleazy vibe" coming from him, LONG before the current situation with the Steemit "acquisition" happened.

Definitely worth a re-steem!

Did you say Sun was arrested for stealing money?

@joeyarnoldvn, No no, he meant Justin was assassinated. I mean you may need to read again. Smiles.

i think he is an extension of berniesanders and company.

there is a group of folks here that want censorship to maintain their world.

they are hoping in the confusion (after bernie made millions with his bots) that now we should be wondering where this sock puppet came from..


I kinda had a feeling the article was satire about half way through. It just started to get a lil too weird, lol. I wonder how many people got tricked by this one... Hmm...

everything that is said in this post in lie ....

The "take over"

Has been The whales , voting bots,and blocktrades. Thats the so called community!
Hey Blocktrades! confirm for the community that you did not use customers steem for voting?

I see you have not been here long and do not know how many things work on Steem as of yet.
I appreciate you sharing your opinion!
If users have delegated to a user then yes he has done that but it was with users free will of delegating and was in the community guidelines that were set forth but the community. With Steem that was earned for voting on posts and on witnesses.
Have a great day/night!
Welcome to Steem!

He needs the instant or fast power down to pay off the exchanges that aided him as they're getting raked over the coals for locking up all that Steem.

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@ambiguity, steemit has earned fame since this movie started, that is the sweet thing about this. Smiles.

The title says it all! He doesnt know much about Steem at all!

Poor Carlos Matta 🤣🤣 that was funny.

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