This Is Just Me Thinking About Something!

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I know many of you have heard about the markets that are backing Justin Sun and upvoting his witness list. I know one of them is Binance, I think they may have pulled their votes for his witnesses, I am not really sure!

I know many of us here on Steem use Binance and have some funds in that market. If we want our voice heard by Binance and any other market that has backed this hostile takeover of Steem, I think they might wake up if everyone went and pulled all their funds from that market and moved them to another market or moved them to a wallet like Exodus.

Do you think that would get their attention? We all may have very little there but if a mass exodus of users pulled funds they would get the idea that something is wrong and people are pissed off.

I mean really what can we do to fight back? Not a lot but a boycott of using that market and the markets that support Justin Sun's hostile takeover might get some of them to thinking.

I may not know much about the blockchain or the markets, etc but when you start pulling out and they see many of us doing that, it might let them know that we as a group do not like the stand they are taking and get them to think about what they are doing.

Oh well, just my two cents and my opinion! `It was just me thinking about things and wondering how we, the users of Steem, could fight back and tell a big corporation we do not like what they are doing. This would be better than sitting on our hands and not doing anything at all. I hope everyone has a great day/night, whatever it is in your part of the world. Remember there are many fighting in the background for Steem so do what you can to support them. Rally around those people and witnesses. Never give up! Always Forward!

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