This Will Become A Big Red Ocean If We Do Not Find Solutions! This Is Not What Many Of Us Want.

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These are just some thoughts I have had over the past few days. I listened to the recordings of the meeting between Justin Sun and some of the meetings with representatives from Tron, I assume.

Things that I have heard over and over in these meetings and they all seen to lead us to a standstill with everything that is going on with Steem right now. So I will give you my thoughts on these things. Keep in mind this is my opinion and it will be different than many other opinions.

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Justin Sun wanting and pushing for a quick power-down for the markets so they can unlock the Steem, of which is their customers, that they used to support Justin Sun's effort to put in 20 top witnesses on the blockchain. He does not say they are his "friends" but why would they use customers Steem to help someone that was not a friend? They have lost the trust of their customers to do this. I think that in many of those customers' eyes and in the public eye they have lost all integrity. What were his real intentions were for doing this? Why should the witnesses that have been on Steem for a long time do this when the markets knew what the power-down requirements were before they made a move of this sort?

The original witnesses coming to the meeting and demanding that Justin Sun remove the "sock puppets" from the Steem chain. If you sit and think about it the person that starts the demanding is quite often the bad guy. The original witnesses need to stop the demands and start being more business-like in their approach to the problem and stop the bad guy approach, This is not what many users want leading this blockchain. It is great to be strong and firm in a stance but acting like a dictator is not the best play for them with many users looking in on this situation. I think that many users wonder if this is how they will be treated when a problem arises and they go to witnesses to work on a solution. Is this how the witnesses want to be looked at by the users on Steem?

Justin Sun putting out that his Steem is "frozen" or "locked up" by the SF the original witnesses did is not all the truth. It is not the way it really is. The witnesses made the code to look at the transactions that the account is doing and reject or approve. That Steem is still all there and it has not been touched whatsoever by this SF that was done. Just restricted! It was not a hack but a code adjustment.

Many people talk about all the negatives on the subject and to me, it is getting tiresome. So since in the town halls, we have had comments fly by so fast and it seems many things are overlooked. I will throw some suggestions for solutions out there. Take them as you will!

The stake that Steemt Inc. Has was to help the platform, from what was said along time ago. Ned may not have made this clear to Justin Sun, I bet some of the people at Steemit Inc. stated that and Justin Sun did not agree and they may have resigned because of that. Justin Sun says he is in it to make money and that is fine, as a businessman that is what they need to do to be successful.

Draw up a contract and have all the Steem that Steemit Inc. has to get delegated to the smaller communities that have been around and are run by trustworthy users. The larger communities and curation accounts have big amounts of Steem already delegated to the by one big account here already. I am sure you know who that account is. So it helps the smaller communities grow and the users in those communities grow and have those communities put some of the curation rewards they get from using that Steem to an account that is created for that purpose and it can be used to help Justin Sun reclaim some of the money he put out on the purchase of Steemit Inc. Move it in small sections to other cryptos and Justin Sun can do other things with it. This is just a simple idea as there are going to be other things in place to get a delegation. When an agreement is signed, the SF is reversed!

Justin Sun removes all the "sock puppets" from the witness chain, as I believe they are all on one server and that is not really a good thing, If Justin Sun wants a witness on the platform then do it the right way and have it voted on by the users of the community. Just like all the original witnesses were and are.

Now to the big elephant in the room! The HF to change the power-down for the exchanges. I have to say "NO" the exchanges knew what the existing rules for power-downs were and they did what they did with eyes wide open. The exchanges took a chance and got the bad end of the stick. Now it is time for them to try and pick up the pieces and move forward also.

There are many fish in this big ocean of Steem, minnows, redfish, dolphins, and yes a few whales. We do not need sharks to come in and make this big ocean red! Stick together because even if enough fish attack each other it will make a red ocean also. I guess what I am saying is we need to work together to get this figured out and it is really not up to just the witnesses and the bigger fish it is everyone's ocean so let's keep it clean and abundant for all of us.


On a final thought! The witnesses need to ask users what their opinions are and take all opinions into consideration as all the users voted to put them in the position they are in. If you need to write a post and share it everywhere you can and get your voice heard also. I know this is an old saying but it is tried and true. United we can stand but divided we will fall. So I ask you what do you want, to fail or to succeed and flourish on Steem? I do hope some of the witnesses will chime in on this in the comments below!

To lighten the mood and maybe put a smile on your face, this is something I will be trying ever now and again on my posts. A little joke for all of you!

What is the difference between a redneck and a cowboy? Leave the answer to what you think the difference is between the two, also leave a comment on what you think would work to solve some of the problems we are facing with Steem as of now. Together We Create!

I hope each and every one of you has a great day/night, whatever it is in your neck of the woods. Always Forward!

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If you sit and think about it the person that starts the demanding is quite often the bad guy. The original witnesses need to stop the demands and start being more business-like in their approach to the problem and stop the bad guy approach, This is not what many users want leading this blockchain.


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