Improving the Steem Torch Experiment

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Today I participated in the Steem Torch experiment and now I totally get why the Bitcoin version was so effective. @geekgirl did a great job kicking off this experiment, but I think there are a few ways to make it even more effective.


  1. Create a companion article on (or your Steem UI of choice) when you pass the Torch. Bonus idea: take this opportunity to explain why you're participating and why you're sending it to the recipient.
  2. Use some kind of thumbnail image with a torch in it so that everyone knows it's part of the Steem Torch experiment. Feel free to use the thumbnail image from this post, or make a better one!
  3. Share the article on Twitter with the tags #steemtorch #steem @steemnetwork.

More Than a Memo

While the Steem Torch MVP certainly doesn't require anything more than the use of a Memo to communicate the passing of the Torch, the point of the experiment IMO is to not just raise awareness of Steem's capability to move money around, but to show off our amazing community. Not only can we transfer tokens in 3 seconds with zero fees (which enables micropayments BTW), but we also have a vibrant, diverse, and global community. In my opinion, the largest, most active, and most diverse blockchain community in the world.

The original Torch used the Lighting Network which according to this article in The Next Web, only completes transfers of funds over $5 half of the time. ALL Steem transfers, whether super-small, or super-large, complete every time and always in 3 seconds, with zero fees.


As long as the Torch stays entirely in Memos, that isn't doing much for spreading awareness. At the very least I think people should be communicating their transfer of the Torch on Twitter, and why not supplement your tweet with a post on like this one from @stackin. To make it easy to follow on twitter, use the hastags #steemtorch, #steem, and tag @steemnetwork so that that account can retweet the best posts. And feel free to @ me as well. I'm @andrarchy on Twitter too.


What I especially like about @stackin's post is that he added a visual element which makes it easier to understand what's going on. Imagine if everyone who sent the Torch also created a companion post on with the image of the Torch and posted that article to Twitter? What do you think that would do for Steem awareness?

App Idea

I feel like there's something more to the "Torch" concept that could be demonstrated through an app interface. I'd love to see a visualization of who has received the Torch, where they are located, and who they sent it to. This whole Torch thing is really just a new way of organizing people so that they can spread the word about a shared interest. It was originally the Lightning Network, then other projects followed suit, and now us. What it really demonstrates is that there is a community out there who is bound together by some common belief which enables them to trust one another to such a degree that they can act as a conduit for valuable tokens. But the "thing" is not the money, it's the shared belief. That's what it's really all about.

For us, maybe it's the belief in the disruptive potential of the Steem blockchain. But we have far more beliefs that we can share with the world. The right interface could enable any community to quickly and easily take advantage of this powerful new technique and provide them with an interface that helps them understand how effective their campaign is by organizing the information stored openly on the Steem blockchain.

Head of Communications and Advocacy, Steemit


Pretty cool! Steem is definitely better than the lightning network, that's for sure. I had 200,000 satoshis disappear one day when trying to "refill a LN wallet" and I have no idea where they went : /

that does not sound right...
It can't physically disappear. All LN tx are just onchain tx that at getting swapped...
If anything if this on the client end you should report it. What wallet did you use.
I have a feeling I know what wallet it is but want to make sure.

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It was "Blue wallet". One of these days I'll post the tx data on steem but it was weird I did the exact same thing I did the first time and it failed. But yeah you're right I will try to escalate it with the company. I left a bad review about it, figured they would reach out but I guess not. Now that BTC is seemingly back on the rise even 0.002 is gonna be nice to hodl (:

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knew it..
That is not a problem with LN but the wallet.
Blue wallet was having a major sync error in their database count so that no matter how much you paid the bitcoin wouldn't even show up in your wallet.

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Have you ever heard of them issuing refunds?

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Yep. If need be I know some of the people. Email then about it with some proof of deposit...

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I don’t see any kind of support button or email in their app, only telegram. Do I really need to reach out for support via telegram? lol

This is all we have for steem? a gimmick that bitcoin uses for the lightening network which sucks? Steem can be the second layer solution for bitcoin.... Wheres the marketing for steem in developing countries where we can pay to have FULLTIME influencers for PENNIES on teh dollar and Pay them in UPVOTES? ?

Where is the Block.One style venture Capital Firm funded by ned and for Steem dapp projects? @blocktrades worker proposal system is coming out soon, and it would create some momentum for steem finally. I mean if Ned wants to Survive and not be drowned in angry messages from frustrated investors who loose everythng while EOS eats our lunch, then Ned better hurry up and do something before MEOS is announced in June of this year.

Maybe its time you take some Mushrooms or DMT or ayahuasca and do less LSD, and realize Steem's future is in helping humanity, and that EOS has the whole Business side covered... Just coast and surf off the Wave EOS creates for DPOS

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I mean we could TOTALLy transform the PLANET with Steem if we RIDE the wave thet EOS creates for all DPOS blockchains..... EOS and STeem WILl have to work together if Steem wants to survive and it will, we just have to REALLy promote ourselves in developing countries and RE-BRAND steem as the into or the Developing World... IMAGINE the inf;lux of money from a Global Middle class of 3 Billion Human beings ideas you've got about the Steem Torch experiment. I just found out today from reading @jongolson resteem of @stackin post stating @theycallmedan gave it to him and he is passing it to @jongolson
Good one @andrachy

Steemit every day has more value thanks to the amazing community we are building!!!

These are awesome ideas!

When I first wrote the instructions I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and as effortless as possible for people to participate.

I still have a few hours to edit. I will go ahead and add these as "Optional Bonus Instructions".

Most of us will participate on this, I’ll participate because I believe so much in Steem!

Thanks for flashing the torch light @andrarchy

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Such a fun experiment - and some great additions from you indeed! Let's keep that Steem FIRE burning :-)

You do know the article is out of date and has many flaws in the metric right...

It will be interesting to see how far this goes as the large it gets, the more selective users will need to be as the amount can become tough to manage relative to the size of the account. However, I trust the community will prove its value and pay ot forward always.

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Great Idea! Thanks for the shoutout... you made a way better torch then I did 🤣😎

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not rip bro they will give smt date soon

After Lightning Torch, EOS Torch, Now is Steem Torch. It's a cool way to show the power of a community. A Steem Torch page on Twitter can also be use show people can share, like EOS Torch:
Is the token unique? can it be trace on the blockchain? In the case of eos, it's an unique NFT token that can be trace on the blockchain, people add their message on memos.

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Amazing experiment. I hope the final amount reaches 5 digits. I am sure it will be used for a great cause from that very last person.

Yep, awesome job by geekgirl and thanks for adding in these great additional ideas. It’s a fun experiment and I’m interested to see some more of these torch posts!