Some more thoughts on steemit.

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It appears as if.. Steemit is now in the top 500 sites in the US and almost the top 1000 in the world?
I have a feeling those numbers are going to continue to surprise me as steemit becomes one of the most used websites in the world.


I'm not exactly sure which site is the #1 site I think it depends on what kind of metric you use, however it does appear as if the top 3 sites in general are Google, YouTube and Facebook.
I wonder.. Could steemit ever get up to the top 3? Some people believe it will be the most used site in the world in the future.. I think they might be right..

I have a few issues I recently discovered with the platform, but.. Seriously.. I think even a major scandal might be too late to stop this avalanche from rolling down the hill. Seems to be very positive news for anyone who believes in or invests in the platform.


Will any of the rewardpool rape or disproportionate earnings or concerning statements from high levels be strong enough to stop this locomotive? I have my doubts.. Though.. Very little surprises me these days.. For example.. If aliens landed tomorrow it wouldn't surprise me that much! Heh.

So.. In essence.. I really do sort of see this growing much more. It's still in beta, most people don't even know about it yet. I'm sure there are already.. Probably thousands of disgruntled people who tried steemit and it didn't work for them for whatever reason.. But last I checked steemit has basically tripled in total users and more than tripled the active daily and weekly users from 7 months ago.

If it continues to grow like that, while still remaining in beta.. Just imagine what will happen when it's officially released and the SMT's as well.. I think in time as steemit grows and grows and grows almost like a virus, many of those people who tried before and who were disgruntled will eventually come back. Especially if Facebook and YouTube start drying up. Which I hope happens. Heh.


The price flucuation lately has been very interesting to watch.. Though.. I have to say I'm not that concerned about it going down the times it has.. I think longterm it's going to go up. I have to wonder just what could stop this at this point.. What kind of major fuck up could stop this.. Cause it seems like it has a life of it's own now.

Even if it crashed and lots of major people soldout, what's to stop a new group from coming in and continuing to use it and them raising the value back up again?? I mean.. It's almost like if the big fish go, a vacuum will be created a new big fish will form. It's truly fascinating.. It's like a frankenstien kinda.. Lol..
And I mean that in the most positive and respectful way possible despite the few complaints I have about the whole deal.

I wouldn't still be here if I didn't believe in this place and I sorta feel like the community here is so strong that even if the value of steemit went to near zero that people would continue posting here just to avoid shitty platforms like Facebook that are corrupt and censored. I think steemit is going to have a loyal and significant userbase until some other social media platform comes along and does it significantly better.

Okay anyways.. I don't wanna make this too long.. But those are some thoughts I've been having.. I don't know much about crypto or anything, but I have a feeling steemit is gonna keep growing for a while! It's a fascinating time to be here and sort of watch it unfold and be a part of the community. Will also be fascinating to see where it ends up in the future!

gift-that-keeps-on-giving-meme.jpg (There should be a steem icon for one of those pills! Heh.)

Also.. I can't respond to or upvote as many as I'd usually like.. It's getting hard to keep up and I need to use my votes more wisely especially as I have a contest coming up where I want to be full power for.. So if I missed a message of yours or didn't upvote.. Sorry. I try to pay as much attention and respond to as much of the meaningful stuff as I can.. And I also try to post numerous times a day, so it really can add up. Apologies if I miss you, you can always try to send another message and try to remind me if I don't respond to something you think I should have responded to.

And finally.. The contest I've been planning should be somewhat soon now as it looks like I've found an artist who can draw the picture I wanted for it up for me. :)

I am still open to having more judges participate if you would like to be a judge let me know.
Though we do have enough. I have at least two good judges confirmed and two more who I think want to do it, they just haven't 100% for sure confirmed it yet. But.. Even just two is enough.. So.. We're good!

Alrighty then.. I think that's it for now.. Expect the contest.. Probably within a week. The artist told me they could do it in a couple days, but I want them to take their time.. So.. Who knows.. But it might be even within a couple days!
Keep your eyes open if you wanna participate, the grand prize I plan on being 150 steem. And it's gonna be a whole buncha different stuff, from memes to poetry to photography and much more.



With all the developments in the Steem ecosystem from so many intelligent Steemians , I have become extremely bullish on Steem.

I actually think that Bitcoin will crash down to $1-2k and bring down the whole market with it. But from those ashes, the best cryptos will rise. Steem will be #1 after this "crypocalypse" because of the speed of the blockchain and its vast ecosystem like and things like D.Tube

I think your theory has a lot of plausibility to it and I don't know much about all of this, but it makes a lot of sense to me. I think more and more people will be looking for the "next bitcoin" and steem is one of the most promising ones in my opinion.. So slowly or maybe not so slowly the charts will change a lot. Time will tell though, I know very little. heh.

And.. Yeah.. especially considering Dtube Dsound Dmania and numerous other applications being built on the steem block chain.. It's not just steemit, there's a lot of stuff being built here! And who knows what kind of apps and sites they'll build onto it in the future.. The potential seems staggering if you really think about it.. That's one reason I made this post and have been having these kinds of thoughts lately.. There is just so much huge going on here a lot of people don't see yet. But I can totally see a lot of these blocks being put into place to build something incredibly valuable.

Glad to hear from you by the way! :) Hope you're doing well.

Highly rEsteemed!

Thank you highly for the resteem frankbacon! :)

I would definitely say that going to take over Facebook and other social media sites as the number one social media site and may be get into top three if not the number one as Google may remain the number one site. I think no one can now stop from beating Facebook, Youtube etc in the race to top 3.

I hope you're right. :) I tend to agree, but.. Time will tell. Who knows what will happen. I try to be careful of trying to predict too much, but it does look really positive and good!

I have used the chrome speakit addon to read this post and I find it kinda mindblowing that steemit is still in beta while it made people already wealthy. I know people here from other networks who already gathered over 100k worth of steem. I assume it even made millionaires?

It is rather mindblowing. The pros of being in the right place at the right time.
To answer your question, technically there are a few people with accounts worth around or more than a million dollars, yeah.. And this is when steem is between the $6-8 range.. A lot of people think it will be worth $50 by the end of the year. It's staggering to think about.. Just how much money some people might make.


Hahaha! Good one.

Steemit is still too complicated to use for the majority of people. Even explaining the mechanism, the 3 cryptocurrencies, the system of upvotes and downvotes, the system of pay out, it is so complicated for the normal people, that I believe Steemit will always be the platform for the nerds/artists/outsiders, while facebook will be for co-workers, families and so on.
I am worried about the fluctuations because steemit is heavily linked to bitcoin and because the fact that people keep using it, it doesn't automatically mean that it grows in value.
I am just playing the advocate's devil, don't get me wrong.
A cheer for finding the artist and to all of us waiting impatiently for this new contest!

You have a good point about it still being kind of difficult, but to me.. You don't need to know all that stuff to use it. You can literally just sign up and start posting like you do on Facebook. When it comes time to cash out, that's another story but I think most people will be able to figure it out when there's a certain amount of money involved.

You make another good point about Facebook being a family thing. Some people just don't want to make money, they just wanna talk to family.. So.. You have a good point there. But maybe someday that will change as well. Where Facebook dwindles and even family go to sites that pay them.

In regards to bitcoin being linked to steemit, I used to think that and it is sort of.. All of the coins are sort of linked in a way, but bitcoin going down doesn't bother me. I wanna see it go down and other better coins to take the spot. I think this market is just emerging, and I don't personally wanna see bitcoin be the top coin especially cause I don't think it deserves it. Coins like steem and bitshares and a few others are much better.

And.. I'm sure even better technology will come out in the not too distant future, this is all just starting.

In regards to more using it not equaling more value, I'm not sure I agree. I think that's precisely why it's going to keep growing.. Because attention = money. The more people who use this site the more it will grow in value I think. There's power in numbers and when enough people decide they wanna do something.. It can be difficult to stop them. So the more popular the platform gets, the better it looks in my opinion, more people will wanna invest more and it will grow in value I think.

And.. Finally.. Glad to hear you're still excited about the contest! :) I think it will be fun!

Are you sure the more people use this site the more it will grow? There is no advertising in this website, so how can you quantify more#=more$$$? I'm not an economist, but it isn't always like this, otherwise there is no explanation in such high fluctuation of steem.
Of course we are early adopters, this is just the beginning and I am excited to see new technology coming up. Is there anybody that is working on what will come up after the Beta version of Steemit? brings up some excellent points here. The bar to entry is a bit high, but in addition to what she said previously, I think a lot of that has to do with the rather limited options for finding content you might be interested in, differentiating between popular posts vs high quality content, and understanding the mechanics of whales vs the rest of us.

Even the search function is exceedingly limited. On a site where we only have 7 days to vote for a post and compensate the author, it's imperative I can see the most recent options of what I'm looking for.

So while I love me some Steemit, it's tough to get people outside the realm of "crypto" and "hot new shit" to adopt anything more difficult than what they're already using even if it might pay them for their diligence.

You should download the steemit extension

With this extension there is one more research bar that allows you to search inside steemit and it is usually the most recent and upvoted post, according to the tag word that you insert

I'm hesitant to say I'm 100% about much of anything outside of moral issues, but.. To me it makes a good amount of sense. That's how all these digital coins and money works in general, because of two major reasons.. One is they believe in it and two is they use it.

SO get enough people to believe in steemit and use it.. And I think the value will come.
That's how Facebook and YouTube started, they just never shared any of it back with the users and kept it all themselves and their investors.

In regards to there being no advertising, that's a good point, but not necessary at this stage of the game I don't think, also that could possibly change in the future, who knows.. Though I think the steem tokens have value without a need for external advertising.. I think it's sort of up to the people to decide how much steem is worth.. That's sort of how money works, it's just that most people seem to be so conditioned, controlled and brainwashed they never really think about how money works or how we could create our own money to replace the corrupt government moneys of the world.

I could be wrong about all this stuff, I don't know much.. But I feel optimistic and positive about what I do know about it all.

And.. I can't answer your last question cause I just don't know but I assume there probably is.

I also actually think that Bitcoin will crash down to $1-2k and bring down the whole market with it. But from those ashes, the best cryptos will rise. Steem will be #1 after this "crypocalypse" because of the speed of the blockchain and its vast ecosystem like and things like D.Tube

Right, indeed, it's also getting popular in Cebu..

I didn't know where Cebu was but I googled it and.. The Philippines? That's cool! And yeah, it's getting big in a lot of places around the world! That's one of the coolest things about this site is it is bringing people together from around the world in a way I haven't quite seen before. I've seen similar.. But.. There's something different and interesting here. :)

@apolymask - Sir I do believe on STEEM... I heard they are planning to launch SMTwith that powerful concept STEEM will rise to moon... This is how I heard about it Sir... Therefore, STEEMIT is a life changing platform for me Sir...


This is the future.This will be a leading site that majority of the world civilians use.And someday we can be proud that we were early members of it

even now i am feeling sad about the time i have wasted on facebook..this is the best place to grow,earn and learn :)

I like all the visuals. They paint a story.

Thanks brother for sharing a good information for us

it is sure addictive. the return rate is going down.

It is indeed addictive, what do you mean specifically about the return rate going down though? I think I get what you mean, but not totally sure. Can you clarify?

wow this is great post about steemit. Steemit can change our life quickly.

Steem also change my life.You post the reality.Thank you very much.I have to said also that, with all the developments in the Steem ecosystem from so many intelligent Steemians , I have become extremely bullish on Steem.

I love steemit. Because My life is changed.
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