Community Curator Application For July

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Application for Community Curator
Account name: @apon6431
Rep: 67
Time On Steem: Approximately 2.7 years Joined October 2017

It is 2nd time I'm submitting my application!
I have been effectively posting on Steemit for right around 3 years now. In my time here I have associated with a wide range of clients both of all shapes and sizes. I have consistently been tied in with supporting the network particularly those clients who lose all sense of direction in the disarray of Steem. I know and comprehend what it feels like to get and give support here on Steem. In my time here on Steem I have facilitated a few challenges including Steem Delegations and SteemMonster pack give-aways last year.

Whenever granted the activity of network guardian I would search out unique music posts and video blogs. Vlogging has been my principle method for posting here on Steem. I see unreasonably numerous vloggers here who don't make a lot of remunerations. Whenever given this open door I would have the option to help numerous kindred vloggers.

If my application is accepte I will do curation in existing community & tag GEMS ,Korea • 한국 • KR • KO ,WORLD OF XPILAR
#photography #food #blog & more.
To the extent why I trust I will be a decent curator. I have the experience and have been utilizing the Steem blockchain for just about 3 years. I know how curation functions and the best approach to benefit from each vote. I am likewise acquainted with a ton of records and can normally decide whether a record is a spam account.

In end

I trust this can be the beginning of better network relations. We have had some significant obstructions and I accept the genuine Steem clients here are prepared to proceed onward Let's Work!!!



@steemcurator01 please check my application!


Thank you for your application to be a Community Curator for July.

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