Last Upvote Reward $$$

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Hey Steemians

The Last Person Who Upvote & Retweet this post will get 50% of the Post Payouts.

Note that I am aiming to be a dolphin ASAP.

Let us count on how many upcoming Last Upvote Reward $$$ posts will do the Job.

I hope it will be a surprising experiment
Cheers ♡ 🥂



Gracias muy amables @aro.steem

Thank u ♡
Do not forget to resteem the post to your followers 🥂

@aro.steem, Good wishes from my side and hope that soon you will reach to the position of Dolphin.

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Do not miss to resteem it, let us see how this experiment will end, thank you @chireerocks

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I am aiming to be a minnow, and hoping to have also some boost from the thousands minnows and dolphins.

Nonetheless, I would like to engage alot of steemians.

@aro.steem I see you are aiming to be a Dolphin. I currently run a delegation based Service that gives back 20x in Profits to Users.

For Example if you delegate 500 SP to me I will upvote one of your Post Daily with a weight of 10000 SP which is a 20x gain. Most Delegation based Services give out about 10 - 12 x in profits while I am giving out a whopping 20x. You can try this out and get some nice profits in

That's about $0.2, right?

Yes it's around 0.2 - 0.22 USD but it may change according to the price of STEEM. If STEEM price goes higher the USD value also goes higher and vice versa. But you always get the 20x return that will be constant.

Will free up some sp and get back to you

@fredkese you can start as low as 100 SP and the max limit is 1000 SP.

So you can start anytime. Once you start small you can gradually increase the Delegation whenever you want.

Realised people send you 0.25 steem for upvotes, how much upvote does the account get?

I think you replied to the wrong Comment. I don't Upvote for STEEM.

Can I get your discord ID? Got 416 sp to delegate

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If I delegate you 200 SP, can you give half the vote you are giving him?

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The same rules applies to everyone. If you delegate 200 SP you get one Upvote per day with a weight of 4000 SP. It will always be 20x gains for you.

Hey @arunava for which account will i delegate? Please resteem this post as well, let us see how far this experiment goes. Thanks 👍

Are you interested in Delegating SP to me??

You got a 100.00% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @aro.steem!

Thank you for the present! hopefully come again ...

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Thank you 🥂

Upvote & Retweet done.
Wish you grow to a dolphin.

Thanks man 👍

The rules of contests here state that resteems and upvotes cannot be a condition of entry to said competition. Becareful not to invoke the interest of one of the various abuse organisation here mate.

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Well thats not said, payout reward will come from the upvote so more upvotes higher reward, and to get more upvotes in the post every upvoter should resteem it for his followers so anybody get the chance to participate, finally on the post reward the last Upvoter/Reposter will share 50% of the payouts.

Resteem it, and participate you may be the last man upvoting ✌

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Upvoted and resteemed successfully. Good Luck @aro.steem

Thank you sir for your support

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You deserve more, keep it up 🥂

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