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Disclosure I'm not fully aware of all the powers @justinsun has or doesn't have but I know this people are scared and that it's a giant mess. I'm also not really certain what side I'm on as everything is such a disaster. I'm also scared

I normally just post my art and stay pretty quiet for the most part but today I want to address something @justinsun I need you to at the very least read this or at the very least if you stop reading after this please don't shut down the chain or take it over please listen to the community.

I understand your probably way richer than I am and probably don't care as that's how I've been treated before. Look I am deeply concerned if I don't have a place to come back too or can't afford to come back too I'm going to be so lost again and uncertain of what to do in my life.

This website and blockchain has become a part of me. This community helped raise money to fix my teeth, made me friends, and helped me share my arts when normally I can't as I can't afford a gallery spot and I'm not talented enough to earn a spot. My life goal is too share my arts with the world I can no longer do that if I lose this chain. This is my home.

I also want to tell you how I got here a friend of me suggest I join steemit so I tried but I needed a cellphone something I still don't own to this day. They decided to buy me an account through another community member who had this thing set up so other community members could get started. I apologize for details being fuzzy but memory isn't exactly the best. Another community moment I seen was when @Zaxan was struggling to get food to his family because he lives in a a country that doesn't support the people properly and we banded together to ensure he can afford food for his family. I am sure there is many more stories I currently am not remembering but I know we have tons of discords and chats dedicated around being a community @minnowsuport is a big part of this. My point is in telling you these things is that Steemit was meant to be a community driven blockchain not led by a singular entity as we survive better as a community we need you to bring this back. A lot of us need this community to continue living and surviving.

I'm ending this post with the hope you bring unification to this block chain and keep it a community based entity not run by a single person. I also hope you don't change anything either.

Thank you for reading this votes are appreciated,


thanks a lot for your support !!!
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thanks a lot for your support !!!
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goddess on a rampage ... he can only bring uni if the top 20 who has been in power doesn't give up their chokehold, the thing is a circus right now.
Who's gonna get more money ? The guys who have been holding it for four years taking yours and selling it off, or the guy who doesnt need the money, but something to pitch against EOS voice ... this is what they always wanted, lol, real money ... but it turns out what they always wanted was more plebs to control ... hm

in 4 years they havent succeeded taking the fastest chain with a coin with 0 transaction fees anywhere but to their own pockets. I seen some nice stuff happening here too, but im quite sure i didnt see any of the top 10 millionnaire witnesses send dough to Venezuela, that was guttertrash like ... and i'll speak for myself, haha ...
they couldnt hack it, my money is on Sun but as i understand its not just the elder protectorate trying to stay in control (for YOUR sake ofcourse and for teh cahin!) but its also china and america, i already read somewhere the chinese gov't is behind it so that's where i left the train (not powering down, its not worth it) just on the sidelines with a bag of popcorn ... the fundraising done here could have reached more people on classic channels, thing is everyone here was giving free money away - - -

cya-round, goddess (its three accounts down from the first one and plenty got wrecked ... by my good friends who try to stay in control, i also don't live in the states i dont have this anti-china thing ... i also dont have this pro-china thing)

i believe a guy with proven record has more chance of getting me beer or teeth money than the same old crud who's done nothing but scam the local plebs in a little puddle of mud
anyway, here i go again talking and wasting time, its just thats its been a while since i last saw you post :)

Love that gif on of the greatest popcorn drama gifs ever lol


He can't shut down the chain, he owns steemit not the steem bockchain and there are plenty of front ends other than steemit.

That's the thing, the top 17 witnesses hold absolute control on the blockchain. Justin Sun used exchanges' custodial money to vote up 20 of his witnesses up to the top and made decisions that could destroy the whole ecosystem. This proves that he could do even more centralised decisions all by himself, and if he wanted, he could basically shut down any account, topic, tag, keyword or anything he wanted. The moment when Justin sun controlled the top 17 witnesses, this blockchain was literally owned by him. Luckily this is not the case anymore

But if he made an effort, he could revert the situation in an instant and our witnesses would have to create a parallel Steem blockchain (a sister fork) in order to keep running it out of Justin's control.

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