[POLL] I want to invest more into the Larimer Universe. Which coin should I choose? --> STEEM vs EOS vs bitShares

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Two days ago I lost trust into on of my long term hodl coins and therefore will soon have a decent amount available to invest into other projects.
Since I believe in our lord and savior @dan, I thought it would make sense, to invest it into the growing Larimer universe.
Now I´m stuck a bit and try to figure out, which is the right choice - so why not reach out and ask the wisdom of the crowd here.



  • I´m already using the STEEM blockchain daily and love it more and more
  • More STEEM would increase my earnings here exponentially
  • I could concentrate my energy on one platform
  • Regarding the market cap, STEEM has the biggest potential and space above to grow
  • SMT are going to be a big thing in the future!
  • There is already an existing community with lots on input & development
  • My emotions are bound to STEEM


  • My emotions are bound to STEEM ;))
  • Every investment into STEEM is per se a long term one (when powered up)!
  • Therefore I´m a lot less flexible for cashing in and taking profits, which lets my portfolio grow slower
  • The daily trading volume of STEEM is extremely low
  • There is a lot of FUD going on about the future of STEEM. Veteran users are quite skeptical about recent developments regarding bots and other issues.
  • In our fast paced times, the crowd could easily move on to "the next big thing"



  • All resources of @dan and team flow into EOS at the moment
  • EOS has the biggest potential to be successful in a very broad field
  • There is lots of hype and news coming up
  • It may become the future Ether


  • EOS has already a very high market cap
  • It won´t double or triple again anytime soon - ergo "I´m to late"
  • It is highly technical and maybe only devs can really "get" it
  • I can´t do anything with it other than hold and treat it like any other coin



  • DEX is one of the future big markets
  • Many ressources for future trading (smart money, margin, arbitrage, lending etc)
  • Still many people didn´t get the full potential (me included)
  • Price/Market Cap has much space above for growth
  • It´s an utility token, that I may use for daily trading


  • Very low volumes at the DEX
  • Too complicated and visionary for most users
  • May never reach a mainstream audience
  • nearly no hype at all (also no marketing)
  • may already be abandoned by @dan

Thanks to the inputs of @ashe-oro @tolkatore @vimukthi and the recent video of @exyle that made me question the future and also interaction of these 3 coins.

Yes, I could invest in all 3, but I would prefer to concentrate my energy on one.
Emotionally the decision is easy, but emotions are not always the best advisor in the crypto world.

What do you think? Which coin would you choose and why?

(It would be awesome, if you could resteem this post - even if you don´t want to upvote. I´d really like to see many opinions on this topic! Thanks!)


Definitely go with EOS. According to Dan it will have a native DEX similar to BTS and it's speculated a native social network similar to Steem.

So basically you are saying, that STEEM soon will be useless and lose its value?

Not necessarily but a lot of the people who've been big Steem and BTS users are also really into EOS. I'd be more concerned about BTS people leaving and using the EOS dex. Dan has confirmed in the EOS Telegram channel that EOS will have a dex. The EOS distribution of tokens is wider than BTS so I assume the EOS dex will have more users and liquidity than BTS. That's just my opinion though don't take that as gospel.

I was already building an altar in your name!^^ Thanks for your input!

Furthermore I've also tried using BTS and found it quite confusing. I've also seen low liquidity and wide spreads. If EOS dex has a better user interface and tighter spreads I definitely plan on using it since EOS is my largest holding.

You sound to me like you're set on steem!

I bought a little EOS a while back, when I didn't have any clue as to what it was, I just wanted to diversify... but whether I'd buy more now at its current price, I don't know...

Bitshares I'm interested in, but I got sort of stuck at the sign up page! I still intend to get into it....

How about 60% Steem, then 20-20 the other two? Or 70-15-15?

You can always gradually invest more into the other two in the coming months.

Thank you! That sounds very reasonable. Yes, I also had my problems with bitShares, when someone explained to me some deeper concepts like being able to lend money there for your trades with zero interest rate and the whole bitUSD, bitEUR things. It still seems over my mind - which tbh is not a good sign, since I consider myself a lot more knowledgeable than an average user, and I still got problems to understand it fully.
Maybe 70-15-15 is the way to go for the moment. I guess, the worst thing that can happen is that I suffer serious FOMO when watching the EOS price rise to $30+ while STEEM struggling to get to $10. ;)

I honestly believe EOS will reach 3 digits pretty easilly, I've got all I wanted in BTS already and will now start pumping my EOS wallet up.
Again, I'm no trading expert, but I think EOS is a good choice.

Thanks for sharing your view. I guess, I will pass on BTS and also add more EOS over the next days. It´s only that being already a Top 10 coin, I don´t think it will grow as fast as others in a lower position. Somehow I´m still waiting for this "go for it!!!"-feeling ;)

With SMT's on the horizon I'm very positive on Steem. I really dislike having coins locked up for three months though.

I don't know much about EOS and am interested in learning more investing in it. If I was only picking one of your three coins this is where I would probably land.

Thanks for your feedback!

Dan only works for one of these projects...

Well, until he doesn´t!^^ If he has abandoned bitShares and STEEM so quickly, he will do the same with EOS and move on to his next project - which leaves us with the question, in which project we can trust more?

He has a long term contract with Block.one that will give him a large amount of EOS over the next ten years so he can create his future dapps on the EOS platform, instead of in competition with EOS.

He never abandoned the other companies, he simply finished his work and moved on. The other projects did not need to keep paying him a high salary just to maintain what he built.

Thanks - I didn´t know that. So we don´t have to worry about Dan, that´s for sure ;)

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