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RE: [POLL] I want to invest more into the Larimer Universe. Which coin should I choose? --> STEEM vs EOS vs bitShares

in #steem4 years ago

Thank you! That sounds very reasonable. Yes, I also had my problems with bitShares, when someone explained to me some deeper concepts like being able to lend money there for your trades with zero interest rate and the whole bitUSD, bitEUR things. It still seems over my mind - which tbh is not a good sign, since I consider myself a lot more knowledgeable than an average user, and I still got problems to understand it fully.
Maybe 70-15-15 is the way to go for the moment. I guess, the worst thing that can happen is that I suffer serious FOMO when watching the EOS price rise to $30+ while STEEM struggling to get to $10. ;)

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