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RE: Getting Steem and Sbd Traded With Fiat Pairs. Update 2

in #steem4 years ago

This is so important for STEEM (and actually all altcoins), to finally get independent of the dying BTC!! I can´t wait to see a future of trading pairs with fiat (or alternative Smart Coins) with lesser volatility, that really reflect the value of an altcoin. It´s sad, that the exchanges have so much power over the whole market and the sooner this horrible BTC situation ends, the better for us all!


Whatever drives the most fee's normally what gets listed.

Is it really that obvious? I mean, they could charge even higher fees with fiat or other currencies than BTC and still don´t do it?

Traction of a coin is normally the factor, so like kwr already trades and they do like 100million in trades daily because of the fee's they most get. Its competitive to list in kwr. So if usd or eur gets listed in a decent exchange it will quickly popup elsewhere.

I want to believe, but I´m wondering why no one has tried this before, since this isn´t technically a big change and what can they loose? Isn´t it more because the moment you let people deposit fiat, they are falling under strict AML regulations and would need banking licenses etc?