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RE: Steepshot Web updates. SteemConnect. Claim rewards.

in #steem3 years ago

First of all, I want to thank the Steepshot team for creating such a great app. I’ve just started using it recently and it feels like you guys created the app I was looking for for a while!

I also had a few questions I hoped you could answer:

  • Why do some tags show me “no results found” when I look for them on the search bar, but are accessible if I click on the hyperlink of the tag in one of my post? Is it because the tag is not popular enough? (In my case, it does it with #colourfulphotography and #analog)

  • Will there be a way for us to choose our default payout option (50/50 SBD/SP vs 100% SP) when posting on the mobile app? For now, it seems like it defaults splitting SBD/SP !

Thank you again guys for this wonderful app.


Thank you very much for such a nice feedback!
It is very pleasant for all Steepshot team to hear so kind words!

  1. Yeah, you are right, it happens because these tags are not so popular.
  2. Steepshot is very connected to Steemit platform, so all payouts depend on it's settings.