Last Call - Vote for Steemit in the Hackernoon Noonies award!

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Less than 36 hours to vote for Steemit as the best Social Media of the Year!


Guys, what are you doing! If you haven't voted @steemitblog as the best social media on Hackernoon, do it now!

If just the fact that Steem allows you to earn crypto by doing things you already do on other social media can't encourage to action. Then take a read at @theycallmedan's contest post who will share 1,000SP to those who voted and left a comment in his post.

Protip: Hackernoon did some poor implementation in vote-counting that results in votes from different browser to be valid. So, spin up that old hated Internet Explorer (ewww) for that extra vote for you favorite guy on the block! It's not cheating.

I wrote about how i voted in the Noonies in general (don't forget to vote for Bitcoin in other categories too!) which you can read here in

Do some good for Steemit!

Shameless plug for my favorite website @coingecko who's on Steem! Follow them for cool stuff!

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