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RE: Rejecting HF21 in its current state

in #steem2 years ago

Idk what "the past" is supposed to mean but if you're talking about multiple changes in one hardfork I can understand, otherwise there really hasn't been any meaningful changes. Simulations cannot and will not show how user behavior is effected. Going back to "all rolled into one hardfork".
I'm a firm believer that for us to get any meaningful data we need to have controls and yes these numerous changes render control kinda meaningless and the data as well, yet at the same time these things are fairly separate from one another. The curve for example is not a dramatic change, but a mild one and it does not impact on the curation / author rewards. The free flagging as well, hardly drastic, seems some people think that giving people tools to police themselves only leads to homicidal maniacs, that given a chance to be a troll they will jump at the chance.. No. You're very mistaken. Not dramatic or drastic at all, very mild and in the scheme of one or two abusive whales 25% is nothing, most of it will be wasted anyway since they hardly calculate the flags individually, so again, negligible.

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