I too found the terms of the Privacy Policy discouraging, and so regrettably declined participation.

Although we still pursue the vision of a decentralized web and no ads, no collection of personal data for ad targeting, we have to abide by the laws of our country of incorporation.

  • The data you stated above are the MINIMUM COMPULSORY data we have to collect by operating a token sale, under the e-commerce laws. This is why we collect it, we need to be able to
    1/generate billing documents (name, address),
    2/to send you a confirmation email to validate your purchase (email) and
    3/calculate taxes and payment restrictions depending on where you live (country of residence).
    Please also note we haven't asked any more information than what is purely compulsory.

  • About our privacy policy, as @star.citizen commented below, we cannot get around these 3 points of sharing data.

  • About the signup process, we ONLY ASK FOR AN EMAIL address as a required data, everything else i, again, not used to target our users with ads but just to make sure all our users are real users and not bots trying to abuse the system. We had to be very cautious on that point because a DTube account is not a simple social media account, it will handle DTube Coins tokens that can be used to exchange value.

  • In addition to this, we will open the possibility in the future to create an instant 100% free account on DTube.

DTube is and always be 100% transparent and without ads.
We are building the future of social media with a totally renewed business model. You can trust DTube as it has been 2 years we are building our project with full transparency, way more than any other project in the blockchain space