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RE: Why Did We Choose This Path?

in #steemlast year

I am not sure most of the community was happy with what the witnesses did. There were plenty of post and comments about how they felt it was the wrong thing to do and that it was a knee jerk reaction.

The back lash from Sun/Tron was what has pulled a lot of the community in to try and retake, that which we were told could not happen, back from a single entity. I was not the only one that mentioned the possibility, other did also, we were told it could not happen, it happened.

The social side the small stake holders liked the social side of steem block chain; The investors all they saw was dollar signs in their eye balls like Scrooge McDuck, and the witness saw the potential loss of their control, everyone had their hopes and fears, the social side of more people on steem block chain, the investors lots of money because of one man's name, and the witness, the fear that they could be replaced at a whim.

Now things are slightly different. The social users see steem block chain as being potentially sold off and transitioning to a centralized authority telling them who they can talk to and what they can talk about, the investors see the dollar signs turning from golden glow to blood shedding red as their token of choice is slowly devoured, and the witness while maybe staving off a disaster have lost the respect of many long term steemians and may never regain the trust they lost.

Now I must be completely fucking mental because I feel most of the community and existing stakeholders sort of went out of their own way to fuck ourselves. Why did it play out this way?

My view on the happening.