Steemit, Where Money Grows on Posts

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My last post offended some of my new friends here and I apologize for that. I am not taking back my opinion. We can disagree, right? Maybe I should have been more careful in how I explained it and the picture I used. @pharesim and @donkeypong, my hand is out for some shakes. No grudges. Same team, etc.

When I was writing that article, another idea came into my head. Probably a better idea than my last post. I am the world's worst artist, but here is the tagline.

Steemit, Where Money Grows on Posts.

Posts, get it? It's like money grows on trees, but posts. Wooden posts, blog posts. This is the ad we need, guys.

My good deed for the day. Now I hope I'm even at least with Steemit community.


tagline is quite fresh :-), but better change the pic

Glad to see your hand reached out. We didn't have the best start, but by the looks of it we can still have a good time together :)

Ditto. For the record, the click bait picture was not welcome, but I didn't vote up or down. I hope you'll stay away from cheap thrills because it cheapens the board. This tagline is really good. Thanks for clearing the air.

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