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RE: Neoxian: witness application

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Hello there @neoxian. I saw a post on my feed with the title 'What is Neoxian?' that piqued my interest. She was kind enough to link to your witness post, so now I know you are a bank and witness on here! (Plus many more things of course) ;)

I will add you to our witnesses to research. You fund the economics of steemit. Seriously did not know about a bank role on here--clever! You see a need and are in the position to fulfill the needs of the mass. I don't partake on judging others for their activities on here, unless it is outright abuse.

Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true.

I gave up on finding a sugar whale on steemit my first day! ;)

I am sure you made many and many dreams come true! Lol. Will vote, or not, once I (or my geeky but currently MIA teammates) have some time to do our due diligence. Our small SP worth won't make much of an impact either way.

p.s., thank you for the kindly upvote on two of my posts. I would have sent a thank you memo, but I can't afford that $1 SBD amount required to attain your attention. So thank case you read this.

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