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RE: Introducing A Community Platform for Bargain Hunters and Deal Spotters

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

This does look like a pretty great use of the Steemit economy. I'm guessing it is Australia only? Good for sending stuff to relatives then!

My mistake, looks like it is worldwide?


Bengy, you can list deals, world-wide. Just use the country flag selector when you submit a Bargain. We have only added AUS and USA deals thus far. But deals are everywhere.

I will try to look up how it works later, I am assuming it doesn't clutter up my own blog page. Or do I need to use a disposable account?

It will be in your feed, but generally, people only find bargains worthy of sharing occasionally. But if you intend going crazy then, yes, perhaps use another account for your Block Deals posts.

I just tried one post out, hope it works!

It worked. :)

We found it. Nice one!

Okay, good to know! I will check it out, but maybe use a different account!

Absolutely world wide mate. Right now you can select either USA or Australia but soon you’ll be able to select other countries as well. :)

Thanks, I tried using worldwide on mine. It is a Steam key after all...