How to buy, sell or withdraw?

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Hello to all my steemit friends, hope you all are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it.

It been more then two years here I am doing great here but I have some questions in my mind,
I have been searching few of he questions in my mind but I have made my mind and want to know the answer very badly.


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I have some of the questions in mind on of the question is-:

  • how to and where to sell my steem or my SBD and convert them to real money.

  • how to sell tokens from from steem- engine.

I have joined this platform is one of the reason is to earn some real money most of us are here for this reason also. if some is here you can guide me hoe this all process goes or any post link then that will be very helpfull to me.

I have seen many of my old friends form steemit who have made and earn a lot of real money few years ago , I have seen the market of #crypto these days is quite high then the other few months.
This the reason I want to know this process and earn some real money to use them for my basic need may be I will buy a new smart phone or camera that will help me to capture more beautiful photography and share a lot here in this platfrom.


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Thanks a lot for being here, I am waiting for your help
thanks @bhattg

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The money made a few years ago is not the same now, and it will take a few weeks

ya I know the rates are still not that much as compared to the past year. But I only want to learn the process of selling steem or sbd that's all I am not selling all of my steem I want to just learn the steps how this all works. I still thinks that I am a noob still🤔🤞

Greetings, we agree, I also think I'm still in diapers.

ya we all are 🤔🤷

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