Wheres the censorship here? Downvotes are critical and a way to control what content gets seen. Censorship from facebook comes from the company themselves and they make the rules and break them. This way the community has a say on what they want to see.

Lets see 99% of what I say is very valid and good content and I keep getting robbed by those elite in charge who keep making DRASTIC changes that DO NOT ADD VALUE to steem. They have made it nearly impossible to make a living providing good content or even as a hobby. NED last year I called out for an exit scammer WHO HE WAS just like DAN.. This entire system is nothing more than a get rich quick scheme for the top 5% who own 90% of the coins... Control all the nodes... And/or control all the witnesses and downvote ability.. HF21 has made that even easier for them to do.. While the rest of us had our earnings cut in half AGAIN y'all earn more! Upvoting eachother and censoring those that call you out for it.

I have documented this for the past 2 years... I was just proving a point.. Which you all have proven the last 2 weeks...

Yup prove my post 12 months ago about ned scamming us wrong! Love to hear that! I was right and he flagged me for exposing him! Now I have more SP than him lol funny how that works! The real scammer(s) are those in charge of the big SP, witnesses, and/or nodes.

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