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So I thought of a new contest that we could do.... I think we should guess the date that Smart media tokens will be released. download (3).jpg

  1. So here are the rules, one guess per person.
  2. Hint I don't think it will be this week...
  3. It will probably not be in this month...
  4. Just pick a day, and format it like 00/00/00
  5. This is a long contest, and I will have to go back and see what people said when it happens, but I will make it worth the wild of the winner.


My wife just informed me that the US is the this way everyone else does day/month/year

Lol. Yes that is true. This way

Ya, sometimes I wonder about doing everything backwards.

It happens, every country does that differently. My country are suppose to do ours the British way since we were colonized by them but they are suddenly chosen a different path.

Is SMD the same as SMT?

It could be a smart media dollar, and then we could get that on some exchanges.

I guess 12/28/18


My guess is .............21/08/18 (21st Aug 2018).



11/11/2018. Regards!

Thanks for the contest... My guess 08/13/18 (13th August 2018)

I think to pick the day
01/12/2018 Perhaps That means 1st December 2018 Thanks @bigram13

see I would put the date as 12/1/2018 month is is always first.

Yes sir, You are right. 12/01/2018

my son is four years old and the count of the contest and mine said papa I have a day, a month, a year and I told him how is that, well the day I was born, the month that the World Cup is always celebrated and the year it is to remember that every four years I celebrate and remember that I have four more years of 06/21/2018


I would pick 07/08/18

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