Why I love steemit and why i dont

in #steem3 months ago

Steemit is one of the OGs in the crypto space. It is one of the very few that had a real world use (people writing articles). Nowadays there is many sophistocations in crypto but very few user centric platforms which make steem unique. The steemit blockchain isn't just another fork of bitcoin or something. it's pretty complex it would seem. Pretty amazing. I am sure the steem token go up to $100. one day.

One problem though is that at least in the USA, you can't buy steemit hardly. All the exchanges don't even offer it anymore so that's big problem. they might have used to but then they discontiued it. When a cryptocurrency is not supported by exchanges then that's a really bad thing for the cryptocurrency because it limits participation. USA people have to jump through alot of big hoops if they want to buy STEEM. Not good not cool. When exchanges don't supoorting STEEM what they are saying is "your are not imporant and no one care about you". It can make a cryptocurrency become irrelevant.