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RE: The Facts

in #steemlast year
  1. Justin bought Steemit Inc, not Steem
  2. Witnesses tried to communicate with him but received no response
  3. Justin tweeted about token swaps. Again, he bought Steemit Inc, not Steem
  4. Justin used a TRON stake which was promised to not vote for Block Producers for exactly that
  5. Steemit has a similar stake that was promised to not vote.
  6. Witnesses decided to safeguard the decentralization of Steem because a similar action was to be expected and no communication could be established
  7. Justin told exchanges about a hack and promised special upgrades for them
  8. Exchanges powered up customer funds to interfere with Steem governance
  9. Justin sent payments to these exchanges

That is how events have unfolded before my eyes.

I would be happy to learn if I left out facts or got the chronology wrong


This is absolutely correct. The fact that steemchiller is purposefully leaving out facts is beyond dishonest.

It shows without a doubt who is in the right here.