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Good day to all my fellow steemtians around the world. I am happy to share about what motivated me to join steemit.

I join steemit on the 6th of april 2021. So I am barely a month in the steemit community.


steemit is blockchain platform where people create content through writing and are rewarded for their post using a crypto currency, and Tron known as steem. I joined steem this month and I noticed that steemit is celebrating there 5 good years of existance which is a very good way to assure people that it a legit platform to stay.


Firstly what motivated me is the to increase my financial status.

I heard testimonies of how people are been rewarded greatly on this platform with cripto currency for their post. And I have been looking for such platform that will increase my financial status.
I am this kind of a that hardly depend on people for help or beg people to help me. I believe that God has blessed with brain to think, talant and hands so that we can think out things and make those things work for us.
So I decided to engage my writing skill.

When I finished my youth service last year I had no other streams of income, trying to get a job has been something that is not that easy for me.

I tried to start an online business of selling clothes but getting a customers is something you have to patient and keep reminding them of what you sell. It wasn't really easy on me. So when I heard of steemit and the testimony that came with it. I decided to put my time and mind into it.
I believe that 90% of people that joined the steemit platform, joined it because of the they want to increase there financial status for one reason or other.



You don't have to bring people,that will bring people and so on before you get rewarded. And the registration fee is very affordable

There was this platform I joined. The only way you can make your money is by bringing people and they have to register with a huge amount of money and if the people you brought doesn't bring people then you won't grow you would remain on a spot.
But the case senerio is different here.


Steemit has help me increase my writing skills, challenge me and expanded my thinking. I found it difficult most times to expansiate my writing or write long notes because I think people will get bored of reading it or it won't really make that sense at the end but now I can write long notes that makes sense

Also reading other people's post has challenged me to learn how to think wild and also how to put most of the things i have in mind in a detailed writing for people to also read and understand.

Alot had motivated me that I wish I can write more.

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