Have You Voted For Witnesses Yet?

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I know everybody is posting this, but it's very important!
And of course, I wanna do my part to help!
Please go and vote for our old witnesses!

Where to vote?




You can also use Steem Keychain:


Yes, good point!

Anyone who has alt accounts has very easy time voting using Steem Keychain because it takes the least clicks.

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My sources say no

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Any STEEM posts explaining the difference between 22.2 and 22.4444? Nice to know what one is voting for.


Thanks for spreading the word mate, we are going to win this war!

Yes we will! :)

Congratulations @borran! You received a personal award!

Thank you for the witness votes you made to support your Steem community and for keeping the Steem blockchain decentralized

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Use your witness votes and get the Community Badge
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

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