Wait.....So STEEM Has A 4 Week Power Down And HIVE Is Still 13 Weeks?

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Maybe all this happened when all the drama went down with STEEM and HIVE and I didn't realize it. I knew Justin Sun adjusted the power down but I didn't know what was permanent.

So am I correct in saying that the STEEM Powerdown is 4 Weeks compared to HIVE being 13 weeks still?

How long is the LeoFinance Power Down?

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Yes, STEEM power down was changed to 4 weeks after Mr. Tron got all of his servers as the top witnesses.

And it was never changed back.

Well that makes this a lot more interesting as an investment then. Because I can buy a bunch and power it up an at least have a magic money machine for a month with SBD way up. Also I would be earning TRON as well.

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