IMHO, the very biggest help for newbie here on steemit is delegating to them some SP. There is a huge huge difference between your SP is 10-20 or 1000+ steem. At least until they reach 500+ level, so can selectivelly use their voting power

wlcm @moonluna40 and @elyseelyse in this great platform and good luck ^^

Welcome @moonluna40 and @elyseelyse to steemit
Hope you both will enjoy this community
Wish you Good Luck

Thanks @broncnutz for the shout out. I'll do my best to keep people entertained. Hey @moonluna40!

Welcome to steemit platform @moonluna40 and @elyseelyse
I followed both now.

Thanks so much!

@kingsberry thanks so much for the follow. Just posted my first steemit video.

thanks sir.i all time folow to your post

welcome both! sure I follow :)

Followed !! yeah...

Off topic a little below :

I've been toying with mining for SmartCash since you have initiated an interest in me to look at it. Followed instructions and setup a mining pool and using one GPU, mined away... this was on a laptop. Then I try to do the exact instructions on a desktop computer with also one GPU, but the miner software (SGMINER-64x) just keep spitting out error messages saying the server could not be found... strange.. at a lost....

The laptop mined about 1 SmartCash after some hours.... cant get the desktop to do shit...