Seed Key & Cryptocoin Storage (get off your computer!)

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Today we talk about storage ideas for your usernames, passwords, seed keys, recovery keys. It's time for you to get organized! Copy & Paste is the safest way to access your account with regards to wallet addresses, seed keys and recovery keys. Cryptocoin's allow the user a very small margin of error when conducting transactions, using a spreadsheet on an offline thumb drive is the only way to go.

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Hey @broncnutz , while most things mentioned in this video is OK, one thing I strongly disagree,. That's the WEBWALLET.
I always keep saying to everyone around - KEEP AWAY your coins from a web.
Whatever it is - exchange or web storage, or web wallet.
2FA will be of little or no use - if there is nothing left to connect.

My order of preference for security is :
#1 Paper wallet
#2 hardware wallet ( NANO, Trezor etc)
#3 Clean cold smartphone

Then comes maybe a PC or web.

You may ask what? Smartphone?
Yes. It is still better than anything on the web.
Just buy a cheap ( can be second hand) smartphone, update the FW to the latest, erase everything, make reset to FACTORY defaults, install only the minimum required apps, wallets etc, store your coins there, place proper PIN and protection measures on it, recharge battery fully, switch it off, remove battery, and put all in a locked safe. You may check and recharge the battery once in a while, every 2-3 month. DO NOT use this smartphone anywhere, ever. Let it rest in your safe all the time.
TO my belief, you get this way to PRETTY MUCH TO THE SAME SECURITY as with NANO or Trezor, with even some extra capabilities and flexibility.
However still my


How to build a paper wallet in a truly secure way is yet another story. Not as simple and easy as you may think. I may have my blog post on this one day soon.

Good advice don't forget to keep your trezor or paper wallet in a fire and water proof safe, stories on the net about how this saved people after fire from being recked.

The better solution in case of NANO/Trezor - is having that 12-word seed properly encrypted and several copies of that in safe places (your imagination is a limit - where to hide)
the beauty is -- you do not even need to buy a new NANO or Trezor, if one is lost, as long as you have those 12 words. Just go to this page ( or saved offline copy),

enter your "BIP39 Mnemonic"SEED - and right away you are back in business.

In crypto world it is the endless game:


I'm with you on that @onealfa, like stashing clones of your holdings anywhere you deem safest.

Completely echo your point... Best is paper wallet just need to take care of it. I personally had bought 2 Nano wallets but after few news floating around pertaining to possible issues with that, concerned on using them.

That cold smartphone is a great idea. Thank You for the new way of safe. Hackers never sleep!!!

I use a program that is password protected to store all my passwords and then I only cut and paste my user name or password into any site I want to login to... and never use the same password for another sites and always use 2FA where ever possible and also use a combination of letters numbers and chr in your passwords.. and update them often also helps.

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I've been toying with mining for SmartCash since you have initiated an interest in me to look at it. Followed instructions and setup a mining pool and using one GPU, mined away... this was on a laptop. Then I try to do the exact instructions on a desktop computer with also one GPU, but the miner software (SGMINER-64x) just keep spitting out error messages saying the server could not be found... strange.. at a lost....

The laptop mined about 1 SmartCash after some hours.... cant get the desktop to do shit...

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for login in the steemit platform us your posting key To be safe
i wich all the best for all us

Thanks @broncnutz for sharing this post with all of us.

Seed Key & Cryptocoin Storage (get off your computer!

Well you really explained it well i always like keep a backup of the phrases in multiple safe location and cryptocurrencies in trezor wallet but those who are new into this space might don't know much about the importance of it but you are doing a great job Thanks for sharing all the ways of keeping them safe it was very helpful and useful for me.

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I always heard how the safety of it is important but sometimes I get lazy , which may cost me one day . My internet saves me passwords by itself , then I think, what if I loose my phone ?? Also I need to get the thing that stores my wallets in there

Get your Crypto life together!!! 😂😂😂

In my opinion, nothing is safe in this world, you just have to expect that everything will be fine.

Stay Blessed. 🙂

Such great information!! When I first started out I was doing exactly what you shouldn’t do. I had a ledger book with all my passwords and keys in it. I started keeping in the notes section on email and phones but I’m really liking your idea with the spreadsheet on a USB. The two factor authentication is something I’ve done from the start. I’m really not sure why people are given the option. It only makes sense to do this. As for coin storage I was never sure what to do at first but wanted safety. Research showed me how to create my own cold storage on USB drives but with the introduction of storage hardware it makes things much more convenient. The only issue is the various altcoins that these devices might not support.
A sevice that is coming that has me extremely excited is the one by Sirin Labs. They have created a cell phone that is designed to interact with the blockchain. It comes fully equipped with cold storage wallets and is built on a software design with security for the blockchain in mind.
@broncnutz what do you think of this tech? I posted a blog about it earlier in the week.

I never heard of it....I'll check it .

This was good as it opened my eye's to some different ideas other than hard wallets. It also reminded me of just how safe one should be and how most are not. The thieves will come quickly when they do and it's better to be ready than wish you had been right? Thumbnails are a great idea by the way. I've got some ShAt to do now so I'd better get on it!

Do you own a Peterbuilt largecar?

Very inspirational. We are not a product of our circumstances. Rather, we are products of our decisions.

Nah...I just love this hat

You're getting better and better every day. Resteemed.

@broncnutz really I also have the same openion just like you 2A security was great but now hackers are trying a lot of new techniques o crack that .....So after seeing your vlog I agreed with the flaus in current system that you pointed and really crypto market allows very less error .As always you were spot on with the vlog loved it really keep posting regularly because I learn a lot from them ...... Thanks a lot for this article @broncnutz

For me not knowing much it seems like I've been doing everything right thing with my crypto security, thank goodness! Great advice as always.

On another note, I'm back from about 2 weeks in the Galapagos. Amazing place, but has the world's worst internet ever! Couldn't even check in with my favorite OG NUTZ!

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I'm headed out traveling the world too mr world travel pro guru!!!! Lol....well Mexico. 😂😂😂 I'll make some good vids down there.

Ha ha. Nobody's called me a guru before. I'm like the Hare Krishna of Travel! lol I kind like that :)
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What's the different between web wallet and a paper... since all coin is living on the blockchain, there's nothing wrong with web wallet. Only make sure your password and username is safe.

Nothing! Web wallets are safe.

Good to see you on DTube!

Great advice. I have been generating paper wallets while offline using a temporary instance of linux Tails for cold storage lately where possible.

I learned this lesson pretty fast, luckily I just lost a few dollars when I first tried to transfer some coins from wallet to wallet.
now I always double check before I make any decisions of buy / sell / trade/transfer

How to build a paper wallet in a truly secure way is yet another story. Not as simple and easy as you may think. I may have my blog post on this one day soon.


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Hey by the way brother have you any info on this so called litecoin fork coming up? Anything at all? I trust you more than some of the stuff I'm reading. Just curious........... let me know!

It's a scam

Good to know. Thanks for the info! That's why I come to you. Thank you!

@broncnutz Thumbs up man. this is ​really a beneficial​ post. the thing is that we cannot memorize these usernames/passwords​ also we cannot safe these passwords in laptop/pc. but I keep my these kinds​ of stuff​ on google drive. ;)

Google drive is not safe. Google itself is not a trustworthy company. Suit yourself but your taking major counterparty risk

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Man the audio quality is so much better!! I'm guessing this is the new camera!!

GoPro....brand new cuz.

Very useful..This probably is the best video so far I’ve watch about as far as crypto safety is concerned.
Really liked the way you’ve emphasised how important wallet seed key is, the different seed key storage options and how its important to store it offline.thanks for the share.

I learned more about cryptocurrency secure from this video conversation. That's best video lesson to newbies. Highly appreciated your effort for you always think your followers how to protect our own wallet from scammers and any internet issues.
Thanks for attention.

Woah....That't pretty extremely best Dtube lesson you sharing to steemians. Its very important for all of us. Nice job you provided here how we secure under the transactions. Many thanks to you @broncnutz.

Very good ideas in video
Thanks sir

Very helpful ideas , great video Denver OG

Very useful..This probably is the best video so far I’ve watch about as far as crypto safety is concerned.
Really liked the way you’ve emphasised how important wallet seed key is, the different seed key storage options and how its important to store it offline.thanks for the share.

Thanks for sharing a great information
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great informative post @broncnutz. Thanks for sharing.

Really very useful video my dear friend.
Thanks for sharing.
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thankyOu very much for your recommendation Sir. You're explain in very detail about cryptocurruncy Coin in 10 minuets video. I choose One option you said we are save and secure our coins in Web Wallet I think that's a best option :) It's very helpful information with us!!

Great advice @broncnutz! Lookin good on the fancy new GoPro!

Thank you @broncnutz for sharing the storage idea
The way you explain, it is the Best way to store usernames and passwords
It will help alot of crypto investors and steemians
@broncnutz sir you are the best

Such a great post keep up the good work 👏

good vary good. U5dsTAu2gao8c6UspiNSAWJzPU7BjZX_1680x8400.jpegThanks very much for the info.

steem is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itseif....great times to be around.................

very nice post,
thank you for advice.

Thanks for sharing a great information
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I am waiting for your upcoming post
I wish you all the best
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Thanks for sharing a great information
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I am waiting for your upcoming post
I wish you all the best
I wish you also visit to my blog
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You talked about all things, I have done all things already.

@moonluna40 & @elyseelyse Heartedly welcome to both of you. Hope you guys will be doing well here will share your beautiful knowledge and life experiences​ with us. get in touch and stay blessed <3

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Nice one! I'm trying to teach newbies to crypto wallet management and this fits perfectly, thanks. I'm from CO too.

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I really like your post thanks for sharing the things I can learn from you

nice video my dear @broncnutz:-) thanks for sharing

but no one is the safest way in virtual world.

my sister @moonluna40 and my very awesome and VERY entertaining friend @elyseelyse They are both new to and great people to trade info and votes with.

well this is amazing / i

What a great topic. I have a phone book size of passwords, usernames, and account names.

Every people depend on steemit security thanks for sharing

excellent point @brocnutz. followed your sis and friend.

talking about safety issue is helpful for mee thanks.

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Great to see you on DTUBE! Awesome information about security... the knowledge is always appreciated. Will check out your sis and friend's accounts on Steemit too!

Great advice broncnutz very insightful information and if you ask me which criptocoin security i like i think is the paperwallet, simple and powerful.

Thankyou for this

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I'm doing the same here too.. Spreadsheet + hard disk!

very good video

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Thanks for sharing the wonderful post,

Informative post thanks for letting us know @broncnutz

time to save it from crashing and always keeping a backup safe i will follow this advice and also will follow those two new steemit people which you introduced about :)

hard wallet i prefer the most during this time its safe and secure and most coins are supporting now so keeping it safe and secure on the go and i followed the new members you mentioned :)

loved the video setup of today's it was bright and nice loved it and great topic of the video never written in paper but like to keep it in the pendrives and sheets xcel around

Great tips there and in the last you summarized it really well now if house goes on the burning mode i am still on the safe mode :)

i will surly welcome new people on steemit because we are a great community heading straight to their pages first but thanks to you to for great video bye coming soon now off to @moonluna40 & @elyseelyse blog

you have whole different level of observation and thinking
this kind of post requires a lot of research @broncnutz
thank you for sharing

people are too lazy even if we tell them thousands of time to back up at a safe time they don't do but you are doing your best over and over again nice video :)

i will welcome them on their blogs great video @broncnutz :)

This is the post there are so many ways and i only knew about trezor thanks for helping me out :)

informative this video was always good to see your videos top quality always :)

Smart Thinking. Just CYA. It's not a problem til it's a problem, right?


excellent information friend

  1. Dedicated router, secured and locked down. Nothing enabled that isn't required. All trading only done via that router. Go 3 deep if you want.

  2. Dedicated laptop with Linux distro. BIOS password, encrypted hard drive and encrypted home folder. All trading is done on there. It is used for absolutely nothing else.

  3. Everything is moved away from exchange after purchase via the above laptop alone.

  4. Paper wallets are broken into three parts redundant ly. You can do this with a USB stick too. Thus to get the whole key you need all three pieces. This also protects your safety. If you can't make a transaction without say visiting your safety deposit box, then it's harder for someone to try and kidnap you to steal your stuff. Even more so if your the only signor for the deposit box.

  5. Keep extra trezors or nanos with some balances. Keep one with you at all times. If someone targets you you can give it to them to get them to go away without losing substantial balances.

  6. Keep multiple wallets for large amounts, don't keep all your stuff in one basket. If one wallet goes down you won't lose everything.

  7. Use a clean smartphone in airplane mode that's dedicated for TFA.

  8. Careful where you store you TFA backups. Keeping them in cloud or just on your PC is silly. A lot of people go all out doing everything else but will then store their TFA backups on their regular PC.

  9. Enable all security features available on any exchanges you use. It's more work and time but we'll worth it.

  10. Don't stay logged into an exchange when your away from and internet connected device. When your done on an exchange, log off! Shut Down your dedicate laptop.

  11. Waddle from the hardcore HODL!