WIN STEEM : Luckygames accepting STEEM/ SBD and accepting 72 cryptocurrency's!!!!

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Hello my dear fellow steemians, win some steem today!

Luckygames accepting STEEM and SBD

Luckygames is a gamblingsite and they are not only accepting STEEM and SBD but also 70 other cryptocurrency's!!!!
I found this site by browsing the internet and found out they have a steemaccount aswell!

I dear to gamble a bit from time to time (not to much ofcourse) and also yesterday I made some bets lol.
It turned out good because from 260 STEEM I made 370 :) !

Last week i turned a few hundred steem in a 1100 STEEM. But remember to be carefull, you could lose it all at once if you don't know when to stop :)

Let me show you the website:


You can chage the prediction 50 to whatever you like, you could set the win percentage to 95% by for example slect 'rolling over 2' or under 98...

My trick was to change between rolling over 2-10 and under 95-98... High winpercentage and a few steem extra each time. :)

Here you can see that they accept aswell STEEM as SBD:


It is pretty easy to transfer STEEM or SBD to the account: just select deposit and sent to their account with the memo.
In less then a minute max 2 minutes your balance will be visible.

They accept besides STEEM and SBD also 70 other cryptocurrency's! That is what I love so much about this website!


These are their games:


Every day, as much as you like you can get also FREE LUCKYCOINS to gamble, they are free and you can play as much as you like!
The more days you log in the more LUCKY-coins you get each day.


Take a look at the website here:

The more websites accept STEEM and SBD the better if you ask me :) !


have become addicted to this game...huhh

Thanks for sharing buddy, steem has new real life application now

@brothermic yes that was one of the best site in cypto gambling respect, i'm there from almost one year it's seems always interesting to me, and i have found another great gambling site called

loss & profit both are the part of gambling, so be careful don't exit your limit when you try to gambling.

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Thanks for sharing buddy 👍

very nice
wird dan gleich mal getetst
danke für das teilen

Really good website and the diversity of coins will help the users more who want earn not just steem but other currencies too

and if you got a bit of luck you might just win Big

upvote if you like my comment :)

Interesting post!

Really nice game!

I want a video, it shows how to play

Wawww nice game. I will play it buddy. Thanks for sharing this.

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Lucky day

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its a good platform to earn steem i appreciate your blog about this amazing game keep it up !

Greetings dear friends! I want to do a questions, ¿what do you think about the Dashcoin?

Thank you for sharing...hmm, I will try this, pray for me. I do not know how to gamble...

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There are some pretty good tactics for this that will give you a pretty steady income every day if running it 24/7 with very little chance to ever lose out on money ;)

Thanks for the info

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@brothermic since you appear to be a pro how about I give you some STEEM to gamble with and you return it plus 50 % profit you make with it. You keep the other half of the profit.

How does that sound?

Oh this is neat :) tipuvote!

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Spare me some steem , i will invest it on my blog rather than playing lottery.

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Hello brothermic
This post is very helpful me so thanku
But my question is this are very useful and nice earning but this game all lose

Very Cool! Thanks.

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I want to participate here, but can i have your opinions first before i go? Is this legit?

Very tempting indeed! This is very smart of Lucky Games, because more people lose bets than those who win bets. This gives them the edge in keeping everyone's coins..

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is this real

guys let’s join their online activities they will be giving 47 btc to share :)

thanks for information. So good

Hmmmmn... No one owns gambling games...
Win all or loose all game it's always been.
Maybe, that's why the scripture condemns it...

Your update on it is so inviting, or irresistible...

Try this also and win up to 47 btc. I found tis very challenging that's why I joined. How about you guys?

I'd rather play our very own ✌️

Gambling sucks dude, and destroys lives every year. It is also giving crypto a bad name. It's a shame you're making a bunch of steem from this post, ur prob gonna gamble it.giphy.gif

is a online casino?

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Great news! There's another great news from cryptocurrency. Try to read this link More opportunities to win. Hehe So try to invest now using KuCoin exchange because there's a lot of rewards that you can receive. Good luck to all of us!

Wow I'll try this on but did anyone here try this also ?

Gracias por la información!

Thank you for sharing @brothermic . I will try your truck.

Disguising ref links is lame.

Kucoin is having activities too! Lets join here too! There are big amount of rewards!

I'm a new steemit user.
I will do vote and comment for everyone.
I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

It looks very good!. Have you make a withdraw from this platform?.

Martingale at a low amount and you can actually win.

Nice post i like it and East and West you are the best my frnd 👍👍

interesante, no soy bueno apostando pero hay quienes tienen esa suerte

This is good news for all of us crypto followers , we all are doing great job and we need to see use of crypto in our daily life also , it may take time

@brothermic This gambling concept is awesome. User Interface and easy to use website is able to attract more gamblers. The option for 72 cryptocurrency will help people to participate with multiple choices. Great project. What will be the minimum amount to participate in a game? @printskill.