Towards a better Steem'ing Experience (#1): Do we really need bid bots?

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Top Bid-Bots 

  "pushup","booster","buildawhale", "upme", "postpromoter", "appreciator", "booster", "boomerang","pushup","upmyvote" 

These are some of the Top Bid Bots that encourage Vote Buying and Selling.  But before i get to my discussion...

... Let me ask you a question

In the next general elections in your country, Which Political Representative would you vote for… 

A). The one with good credentials, or 

B). The one that is offering you money to vote for him/ her. 

If you select the politician with good credentials, then congrats, we are already in sync; else if you think buying votes is fine, then reading the below post could prove to be fatal and a waste of time. 

Why we have bid bots?

Bid bots are created in order to help minnows get the deserved post value. People can ‘buy’ votes in exchange of SBD and Steem. Much like politicians buys votes when its time for ballot (elections)  


Challenging Existence of Bid Bots

 The existence of Bid Bots can be challenged on three premises. The first two are practical, and the third premise is on the ideological grounds (getting back to the basics) 

1. It’s not Proof of Brain as suggested in Steem White Paper - its proof of business. Three parties – buyer, bot owner (the seller) and SP delegator - are involved in this lucrative business. The bot owner gets money in exchange of the service from the buyer; the bot owner pays some fixed fees to the Steem Power delegator. It’s a lucrative business, else there would not have been that much sellers on the Platform.   

2. Reputation is earned, not bought – Its frequent to spot bids of 200 SBD, and in exchange the bot obliges the buyer with massive Whale Vote; the result. Instant gain in reputation from 25 (the starting point) to 50+. This totally distorts the idea of REP score.. A person builds the reputation over time, both in real life and virtual world. It cannot be bought from a bot. This is like proliferating corrupt politicians.    

Here is an example.  


Would you trust SBD bank (which promises >12% ROI) on its business proposition ONLY, or would you took its reputation store also into consideration.   The 54 reputation score is bought with a Bid of 63 SBDs   


3. Who is a Minnow (Ideological discussion) - A minnow cannot be considered as minnow just from its wallet size. A minnow is a minnow in its mind and attitude, and a Whale is a Whale from its approach to the world. The Wallet size on Steemit is just a factor of Time.     

The immediate benefits of killing Bid Bots: 

1. Stopping Plagiarism and Junk – People in lure of making quick bucks are often tempted to share either Junk or Plagarized content. Don’t believe me, here is the picture of a beautiful rat for you 😊 [Picture of a Rat, Sourced from the internet and bid handsomely by a Bid Bot]  

2. Stop reward pool rape – 

3. Reduce wastage of the limited Bandwidth 

4. Invest the time in quality curation – Yes a lot of time has been wasted in designing these bots, making business proposals and sending bids. Instead, get a life and create and curate quality content.  The content is an asset to this platform

5. Fill in the blocks with gems, not sh*t - Each transaction that is stored in the Steem Blockchain contains immutable data records. Lets fill in those blocks with quality content that becomes an asset for this platform in the future. Lets avoid that situation when Steem becomes analogous to Shit posts.


Agree with my thoughts?

If your thoughts resonate with mine, do support me as your witness. 

Here is the simple two step procedure

Option 1  Go to this website -  

Click the green thumb     

and enter your password.  

Option 2  

Go to  

Scroll down the top 50 witnesses list and type "bsameep" in the box   




so what the harm in using bit bots...if they are available?

i think I tried to address that question in my post...

  • Miss use of Bid bots is promoting more low quality (as they say Shit posts) to the platform
  • Artificially inflate the Reputation score by buying votes
  • Reward pool rape

My bad if its not clear from the article

@bsameep i understood but wat abt for those who write good content? I knw and even observed some of them are in higher reputation by mere posting a photograph and using bitbot....

I am writing another post to address that issue as well... have couple of thoughts around that...

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