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RE: My Statement Concerning the Potential Freeze of Steemit Inc's Accounts

in #steem3 years ago

The PR never had witness support and is just being used as Casus Belli.

Perfect cover for the next stage of the exit strategy. Call me when it's over. The real challenge that needs to be talked about is who/how is going to develop the blockchain tech once steemit is gone.


Indeed, future developers is a concern that I have voiced in the discussions.

This. Been thinking along the same lines too.

Do you think we're witnessing exit strategy taking place @buggedout?

Yours, Piotr

Yes I do.

That said, I'd still much rather see the powered down steem dumped on the market than have such a centralised stake be hidden from view otherwise we can give up any hope of this platform being decentralised.

Unfortunatelly it seem that you're very right @buggedout :/