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We are in a blockchain era, there's no denying of that. Many companies are working towards various solutions to make internet technologies, decentralized. cryptocurrencies of course go hand in hand.

When I first started educating people about steemit, the response used to be negative. It's a human behavior until we don't understand something, we deny the possibility as well.

I don't need to explain anyone, what STEEM is. As most of us are already aware of this wonderful platform. Recently I got a chance to explore a new content aggregator with blockchain to make people earn cryptocurrencies by not only publishing the content but by reading them as well.

Before starting to reveal my findings on Publish0x platform, I want to explain that according to me, there are or can be many ways for content creation and aggregation based on blockchain. Steemit is not only one of them but also a major player in content-based blockchain platforms.

It is clearly mentioned on Publish0x that there is no point of holding crypto in the wallet as there is no network influence, no downvotes, both reader & writers can earn crypto via tipping. The tipping comes from their reward pool, at the end of every article/content there's a slider to control how much would like to keep with yourself and how much you want to reward the author.

Voting Slider from Publish0x

There's a catch though, According to them and what is mentioned when you signup, They can delete your content or take rewards away from your wallet without any notifications.

Although, If you visit their website and try to read some content. especially in new, you would find people uploading gradient or texture images just to receive tips. Since there's no downvote to discourage this kind of behavior on the network, this is something taking trend on the website but according to them, it's in beta phase right now.

Now, this raises a question, is this truly on blockchain?

Because if it is on blockchain platform, there's no way anyone can remove the funds from your wallet or delete your content.

More like Faucet?

According to me, Publish0x is a new kind of faucet which rewards users for reading and writing content. There's even a time gap for 10mins between each tip that you make along with around 10 tips a day. I have also checked that you can tip the same person on the same content after 24 hours. This method is more like a faucet to set a budget allocated for daily usage.

Just like a faucet, they also have an affiliate program which is mentioned as an ambassador program, which is designed to provide you with benefits, when someone joins the platform with your ambassador link.

Cryptos you can Earn with Publish0x

They have an Etherum token bounty0x which is the major currency for that platform. Apart from this, you also get some Hydro which is again an ether token. There are no block rewards, period.

Comparing Publish0x with Steemit is not possible in any way. Steemit is not a faucet, it's more of a community-driven social media, content platform. It has block rewards, it has a system where spammers are discouraged, more importantly, quality content creators are always encouraged.

Having said all that, There are many people like using faucets to earn some extra and there is nothing wrong with that. If you guys are interested in joining Publish0x platform, you can visit:

In the end, Everyone tries to understand things according to their own perspective. I would love to know what you guys think of this platform.
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above is based on my own research and opinion, should not be considered as investment advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO


The concept of giving 100% to the author is great. It'd be nice if STEEM could integrate that as I'd usually be fine with letting the author have 100% of the reward. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this sentiment.

I do not find this platform exciting at all and there are many reasons behind it and most of them had been discussed by you already. Well, the faucet is not bad, though I have only made two cents with my first post :( Whereas I saw a pic of a Tile getting away with a dollor. Hillarious :)

That is hilarious @honeychum, but that's the point there's no discouragement for spammers.

From your explanation Publish0X does sound like a faucet rather than a blockchain itself. I mean, for the company to have access to your wallet is just laughable. That said, I might just visit the website just to see how things work. Thanks for the article.

I tried it out and it seems to be more like a faucet I would honestly rather spend my time curating than actually writing content for publish0x

It definitely feels like faucet and "curators" don't even need to bother reading to tip (and take a portion of the tip for themselves). The only thing decentralized about the site is the crypto reward lol. Doesn't seem sustainable too as the entire reward pool is from sponsors.


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thanks for sharing this post ......just amazing

They can delete your content or take rewards away from your wallet without any notifications.

Stopped reading here :DD

Publish0x is very different from Steem and doesn’t have a blockchain or its own token. Being token agnostic is one of their USP’s.

Think about it - if Steem goes down, your whole wallet goes down here in Steemit.

On Publish0x - if one token goes down, doesn’t matter, because others may have gone up.
The more tokens they add, the more your Publish0x wallet becomes like a mini crypto hedge fund ;)

Of course you don’t have any private keys and you need to fully trust them - that’s a clear downside for hardcore crypto enthusiasts. But their target group might not care so much about it, if they are not really into crypto (yet).

The founders are faucet experts and have had other faucets before (like the Bitcoin Aliens game) so yes, you could say it’s a faucet.

I think it’s a great project and I’m curious how it will unfold.

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@connecteconomy I agree, I am on judging the project or the website. I just wanted to let the information out that.
A. It's not blockchain
B. there's no comparison with steemit
C. you don't own the funds if you keep them on their website.

There are many good faucets and this might be a unique kind of solution though...

It is a good platform for newcomers as it provides a venue to express their thoughts. Some misuse it because there is no down votes but there are many genuine writers also. Another interesting part about it is that you can create different type of blogs under one account, which i think is not available in STEEMIT. I personally find it interesting and fulfilling to see the views and asset growing.

@ukay66 there's no denying that there are quality publishers as well, who writes great content for this platform. But having no spam control or working on a centralized solution is not something most people look forward to.

Steemit is completely different as there is no centralized website or control where your fund or account can be blocked, however, on publish0x it's possible and already mentioned.

Hence, there's very little to no freedom to write. the earning we are getting are in crypto of course but just like any other faucet where you go and click or fill the captcha to claim rewards with specific time limitation and budget, Publish0x seems to work quite the same.

My opinion,just another faucet for free money and airdrop information sites.

I have the same thoughts :) @cloudspyder

Somehow I am enjoying tipping 20/80 for airdrop info out there where most are just scam like.

Already I join there,I like it too.

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Thank you for sharing this valuable article. Although convince people to buy new token is hard I believe this project. Good luck Publish0x. Publish0x to the moon.

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To the moooooooooooooooonnn!!!!!

@bunnychum, You've catched very important point and definitely if it's running on Blockchain then funds and content cannot be removed, so it's contradicting. Keep up.

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Thank you :)

Welcome. 🙂

I don't think so it is like Steemit but good one for beginner .

I don't think it's good for beginner writers especially. I would any day suggest steemit over publish0x. But yes, you can enjoy reading with faucet rewards.

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It is a good platform for newbies because it provides a place to express their thoughts. Another interesting part about it is that you can create different types of blogs in one account.

The people whoes nega is your loveones or relative in networking

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From my opinion, it's look like faucet but i'm not doing deep research about this one.

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ERC token = Mazzle lost interest.

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Step 1: Create two accounts
Step 2: Create posts on both of them (Don't need to actually be useful content)
Step 3: Vote each other 10 times a day
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

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More like a place to promote scam alike projects and airdrops because it's hard to do same on steemit, last time I checked it was full of articles related to airdrop and bounties which were on bounty0x as well. It's trustless.

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