Thank you for that post! I'm glad that you got the package intact. Our boy would be sooo stoked to see his note travel to "a far away place" :) Keep us posted on the progress with the seeds!

Proof of nom nom nom

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Hello! Hope you are well!
How are your chickpeas?! I also like chickpeas very much but it is not grown in my country!!

Any way, you need some new post as I could not upvote your old posts of more than 7 days.

Your kindness is much appreciated!

Please let us see your chickpea plants. I might just be very tempted to grow some myself. I like chickpeas curry very much!

Keep well and healthy!

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Dear @kaminchan, thanks for your lovely comment; the crypto-peas are slowly in the making, and I'll post an update soon.
Been gone for some days....
All the Best!

Glad to hear that you are fine and your project is progressing!
I still have a small bag of dried chickpeas left! I’ll cook some chickpeas curry thus weekend for old time sake! This will remind me of my days in college!

See your new posts soon.
Best of luck.

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Awesome! Good to see the full potential of steem at work! Love to see the updates on the #cryptopeas!

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So now the question is:
In 20 years, will we use crypto for payments, or chickpeas?!

Chickpeas, probably 🤔

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Cryptochickpeas that’s amazing, I can’t wait to see what they grow into! Trade in Steem has such massive potential - it just needs a simple system for pricing and of course the dreaded shipping costs which are often the biggest stumbling block.

Anyway it’s good to see the Steem Blockchain bringing people together and providing goods - I hope @homesteaderscoop get many more orders for their produce.

#thealliance #witness

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Such a cool story showing the sense on community here on Steemit

Since my upvote power is down a bit let me send a !tip

Nice project Captain.
Keep us up to date!
Like to see them grow.

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Thanks for the mention, and it would be cool to see the chickpea progress on Steemit. Cheers!! 👊🏼🙏🏽😎👍🏼✌🏽💯

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Black and white? Interesting!

Cool, I'm going to check out these sites, thanks for the info mate, cheers.

Go for it, it gives a new dimension to this currency!

Those chick peas seems yummy @captainklaus although I cannot have much of it :D

The #cryptopeas will be yummy, @cryptopie, especially fresh from the plants!
We are in the middle of seeding, will update soon.

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