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RE: What is your evaluation regarding the current situation ?

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I agree with this and would add some more thoughts to your message.

  1. in my view decentralization only leads to anarchy if no solid base has been established yet, you can only pursue true decentralization by setting up a good base in a centralized way first.
  2. Steemit does not have a solid base yet, it is not open for everybody to join. The onboarding is difficult. This needs to be fixed first and as long as you do not fix this, you
    a. Give more power through knowledge to people knowing steemit, which is reverse decentralization
    b. You limit the platform to the limited amount of people who are enough tech savy or willing to put in some effort. This is also against true decentralization.
  3. The involvement by Justin is bringing resources which can improve the platform in a centralized way, leading to a more open society and leading to a more level base knowledge base.

This is good for Steemit in my view short and mid term. The challenge is long term, when Justin / TRON needs to move Steemit back to a decentralized set up when the basics have been improved.

The big question is, will he be willing to do so. For now the involvement of Justin is helping things moving forward.

Just my humble opinion

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