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RE: Why Did We Choose This Path?

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piss off 3 big exchanges

Oh come on... They used their users coins to governance this blockchain but we are to blame for pissing them off?

Just check what tron is. It's empty, no users, only shitty gambling apps that no one uses. Sun has the money, that's true, but he's not interested in running decentralized blockchain, it's just a buzzword for him. Do you really need to have an owner so much?

Also, once he aquired bittorent, devs from it also all quit. Was it our fault too?

Just do some research about Sun, he's not a type of guy that works with others to build something valuable. It's all about his image of this millionaire-kid and how awesome and rich he is. Also obviously he wants more $$$ and in his mind he can do this only by fully controlling his projects.

To be fair - I can totally understand Justins motivation from his perspective - defending the assets that he legally(!) bought. But it's like he's not compatible with the idea of decentralization.

edit: edited the comment slightly, sorry I was was rude <3 I know that you just want all the best for STEEM.


But it's like he's not compatible with the idea of decentralization.

If that's true then it seems to me that the issues should land squarely on Ned's shoulders. He sold out to someone who doesn't give a fcuk about this place or the foundational ethics which says all you you to know about Ned.

And thanks for the assessment of the Tron blockchain. You're saying it's basically nothing.

Yeah I made an account at Tron to check it out.
Can't say I found anything I liked about it. Gambling , porn, bots and ton of hype of Justin patting himself on the rump, telling everyone how awesome he thinks he is.

Thanks for checking it out so I don't have to:)

I'm so sorry. Hope you recover from it.