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RE: I want a balance at somewhere else, the reason of my voting for the witnesses

in #steem7 months ago

I'm learning as much as I can about witnessing and I gave my proxy to @theycallmedan because he always does the right thing for the community. Based on my understanding I think your vote for goodguy24 is correct in spirit but there are some blind spots in your reasoning. Justin hijacked your asset and controls you. He can devalue and manipulate all of your hard work and destroy us. If you remove that vote or give proxy to someone else you can protect yourself. Then if you feel like goodguy24 has worked on your behalf later on you can return your vote to him. I personally don't like being stolen from so I voted against justin's scam witnesses. Consider your own best interest and you may find that goodguy24 doesn't deserve your respect. Respectfully, @cflclosers

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