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RE: You possibly have some free money on STEEM!

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I love steem-engine. Honestly, its the most fun I've had on steem in the last 6 months. I really love @steem.leo as far as the tribes go. But, each has it's own benefits I suppose and I enjoy trading them.


yup steem engine makes steem worth it and, the fact that its "centralized" according to those who want more nodes, are just whiners. The facts are it can run on more nodes.... when peopel do the work... but if peopel want fancy toys they have to pay for them... and honestly steem engine works fine, sure it runs behind sometimes but who cares its not liek we are running hospitals or schools, we are just doing social mediapots which can wait and, they still do work.... and WHEN steem engien FIXES all of its issues, it WILl run smooth... just because you run a car with 3 tires for a whle dopesnt mean that ist always gonan ride like that... u CAn put teh 4th tire on teh car and youll have amuch better time LOL

yeah i agree man, steem engine is the most fun ive had not just in steem but all crypto.... eos is cool but like an expensiveversion, albiet with mroe volume but hey tahst why i created Steem engine newdex Partnership and got SAND, then WEEDCASH then STEEMp and gunnie pigged it up for APX to show its safe :D

Im so proud of appics they actually took SCOT and packaged it as the revolutionary cross chain platform that it is, and sold a STEEM ENGINE TRIBE MOBILE app, with an EOSIO Peg from @someguy123 @privex and they SOLD that shit as an EOSIO dapp which IT IS, it is just as much of an EOSIO dapp as SAND, or weedcash, but hey I dont give myself enough credit.... I WILl actually have some internally natively EOS based dapp functions and aready actually do, including staking eos tokens. as now APX is only stakable as steem BUT when we start having EOS wallets inside appics mpobile app maybe uysing a partnership with or Attics Labs man @atticlabs tanish and his MyWOSWallet could integrate to appics, or they can use a browser and have a mobile eos wallet i mean tehers so many options but a real EOS wallet inside Appics WITh a steem wallet could be really powerful..... they could make an app that could allow for telos accounts , WHICH are FREE, theres a million account pool, So, we can use TELOS @telosteem i have even set up, to ONBOARD and mass scale steemians to telos, letthem hold telos STEEMP whcih ive had created AND THEN we will have TELOS wallets.... for @steempeak for exampel as the FREE guest account then they By their more rare Steem accounts as a premium service :D

theres plenty cool ones!