Thank you very much for your recognition. Currently, if you proxy 100SP to wherein, you will receive a 1000SP weight upvote once a day. At the same time, you will receive 0.022 STEEM (8% annualized rate of return) every day.

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Great project!

Concerning delegation: in case I don't write articles every day, would you also upvote comments instead of a full post once a day then? Am I correct that I would also receive some of your SMTs as soon as available (how many?) in case I delegate now?

Thank you very much!It seems harder to automatically upvote the comments than to the article.And we will see it.
WhereIn SMT will not be available at this moment, but now the agent will have the opportunity to get the priority of WhereIn SMT.We will also record your agent from the moment of the agent, and there will be a corresponding reward after the launch of WhereIn SMT.

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I am thinking about delegating you 5000 SP ... maybe if I do that you can find a way to upvote one of my comments daily (a manual upvote would be an option also)?
(The problem is that I am not writing more than 1 or 2 posts per week in average, and delegating means to lose own voting power and curation reward).

I am looking forward to your future SMT.

Thank you!Ok, we can manually upvote your comments. And we will launch SMT as soon as possible, but what we are more important now is WhereIn Dapp, please wait a little longer.

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Please, check your incoming delegations. :)

Thank you , WhereIn has received you agent.

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@jaki01 😮 that great for 5K,

I cant got that, except at minnowbooster. 😃

Let's cheer together, everything is possible!

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I delegate you 100 steem power and hope this small amount will help in your project even if I don't speak Chinese. I encourage people who bring more people here and bring value. :)

Thank you very much.We will do our best,And bring Steem to more chinese people.

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