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RE: Cold Calling the Steem Blockchain to YouTubers!

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@thecryptodrive, There is no doubt that Centralised Platforms and System uses different ways to boost their Product and Economy.

Steem is gradually maturing and many don't know about it that's why yet we are not reaching to the point from where we can call as, Now This Called Mass Adoption. And due to Decentralised Structure funding aspect is very low. But Decentralisation is good because here whoever is coming most of them are creating opportunities or consuming opportunities, Production and Consumption is going on, on small scale but effectively.

Many people talked about the solutions for the Third World Countries. Platform like Steem with Decentralised Structure giving that opportunity to Third World Countries so it's a great solution for this world and in my opinion it will prove in coming years.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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I agree Steem is a great solution, however it is not well known and the act of discussing Steem openly on other mediums is a good strategy to improve awareness and may Steem a household name, ofc it has to be done tactfully and worked into the context being discussed.

That's true.

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