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I would like to introduce my self as Chrono I am an Android from 2045, I have been in the blockchain ecosystem for some time now. I like many have seen the ups and downs of Steem the groundbreaking innovation it has created. Many forks have been done from the Steem Blockchain.

I wanted to make this short but informative, I have run Witness Servers before on some of the Forked Chains such as and one of my favorites was Whaleshares I was running a couple of projects on both.

I have built some Block Explorers for Smoke and WLS, sadly I had to pull from these amazing projects for personal reasons, I am ready to help Decentralize the Steem blockchain.








This was also a service I provided for the Steempress plugin


Steem Projects

The reason I am running is that I saw a vision of Steem and would like to create new projects.

So much as been going on So much Drama What I want to do is continue getting Steem To to grow, PROTECT Its integrity.


With Ned and Now with Justin, this is not an ass-kissing to Justin but there were many lost words and might of been a huge miscommunication and I ultimately put the blame on NED.

I am here for the blockchain and would love to see a bright future for Steem and the many other platforms that exist in our ecosystem.


I am running the latest version of Steem.

I would like to thank @enginewitty for the massive help and information giving, he and I have similar feelings about the whole situation.


Justin use your marketing power to propel Steem like you envisioned, your main focus is Profit which means make Steem Great again. We Witnesses will help secure the chain.


Vote for your Loving Android, I also love macro photography and Cannabis you might see a lot of that content on my blog.

If you want me to be your Steem witness, please vote for @chronocrypto on or


Anytime and appreciate the shout out! Wrote you in and threw a vote your way! 😎

Are you still witnessing here?

Aye, can check this post for more details😎

Thanks again, brother.

There is no such thing as a 'not dick suxxing' on centralized and censoring 'decentralized free' social media blockchain.

You play the game, you're part of the game. J.S. has ~110m Steem worth Voting Power, the current TOP20 Witnesses have 288.003,07 STEEM/SP combined 0.08% of the actual Stake and are powering down xE

He likes you, you're in - he doesn't you are out.

Ballz deep brother, ballz deep. ughughugh

reminds me of how Freedom controlled the witnesses before.

Right :) Times never change just people.

Steem has been centralized since day 1, but people don't like to talk about that. It was fine when those 20 witnesses were all basically selected by a couple accounts, but when someone else does the same thing but picks others instead, it's a big deal then. Hypocrisy at its finest and a perfect example of why this was more about protecting their 'jobs' than it was about protecting the blockchain and the people using it.

There is definately truth in that.

Yes, freedom is a big fish in the tank. You know him?

Not personally

So you refer to him from hearsay or from discord?

If you have a point just make it. Not interested in having you lead me to your point

That is the point, is it a pool or a person? Because 10Million is quite some money on the line and there is barely any movement in the wallet.

Ballz deep eh?

It is good to see new witnesses on steemit. I will be willing to vote for you.

Appreciate it.

How does an android enjoy cannabis? Asking for a friend.

With mother nature.

But before you judge, I don't judge you. It can be good money for you! So if you go for Reg. Fee of 6 or more, I'll vote for you :))

Thank you Appreciate it.

Hi @chronocrypto

Is there any way to DM you? I would like us to find ways of helping each other.

I'm managing project.hope community and I could potentially get you number of votes as a witness.

Join our discord server and DM me please:

Cheers, Piotr

Sent you a message.

Good another witness to vote for. Slowly but steadily I will be able to cast all my votes. Any witness who expresses intent to bring Steem forward will get my vote until I run out of them. Then I will start new selection criteria

Awesome. Voted for you.

Thank you sir.

everytime I want to walk away they pull me back in!!!

I like a witness with integrity..

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