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RE: Restoring Community Governance

in #steem11 months ago

Cant help you dont know how witness stuff works. Let me help you. I just started, you need enough vp behind you to get your first block. The update and running version is in that block. Before that, it shows like this. + I replied because you are fishing for votes of your friends and talk bs, otherwise I wouldn't even bother. Good luck on the other side though!


Well, don't bother since you're own bias, vanity, and assumptions (completely, demonstrably false) are the only reason you're replying.

Never, ever have I fished for votes for me, if anything I've done the opposite since coming here, stating I don't care about my personal wallet whatsoever. I have previously advocated for others, including recently for a new witness, @r0nd0n,but nothing in anything I have posted regarding you, this OP, or since advocating for @r0nd0n,supports your fantastic hallucinatory aspersions.

Remain ludicrous. It helps me get through the day to have something to laugh at.

No need to promote me here, this place is dead to me. In fact, I wouldn't have even seen this if it weren't for the new soft fork fiasco taking place.

I was only trying to be accurate and factual in what I said, and am aware you are done witnessing here.

That's what sucked me in: adjusting my witness votes while I still have stake.