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Hello @username, welcome to the Steem Community!
We really hope you will enjoy your journey on Steemit, and to help you with that, here are some Tips & Tricks!

  1. Make an introduction post, tell us a bit about you, and what your interests are. This way we can connect you with active communities you will absolutely love! Use the tag #introduceyourself!
  2. Follow @ steemitblog for news, information and fun challenges to participate. A nice way for us to get to know you!
  3. Join the Steeming Curators on Discord and Steeming Curators community on Steemit. We are here to help and support you with any questions you might have!
  4. We have made a kickstart guide for new Steemit users, you can check this post here > HOW TO STEEMIT
  5. Also check the FAQ section on Steemit, this covers everything related to your account and usage of your KEYS.

Thank you for joining Steemit!
Yours, @yourusername, The Steeming Curators


Hey Ciska!

How are you ?

We may have to modify the msg to include the links and the markdown formats. Such as [How to Steemit](

It seems when i just copy the msg as is ....The links don't get carried forward. Just the text gets copied.

Also in some case i am omitting point 1 since in many cases its already done, as i am commenting on the Intro post in the #introduceyourself tag.