Yes it's very related. I'm glad you brought this up to the devs. This feature can bring a lot of positive things to the platform if implemented correctly.
I'm not a coder and don't use github so forgive my silly question but is this just an idea that you proposed or is there already code to make it happen? If the former do you know if there is any technical limitation to build this feature and do you know how difficult it would be to code?
There is no default tip amount per vote in your proposal so I assume the amount would have to be entered every time someone tip? If so I think we should find a way so that 1 vote = 1 cents for example , and users would be able to set the whatever default amount they want,so that each vote will tip that amount.
Tipping could be an excellent feature but if it requires filling out forms people won't use it because it will be no different than now where you can just use your wallet and make a quick transfer, it needs to be a 1 click thingy :)
Btw I like the gift balance name and agree that it's better than "tipping"

I take it you are not a programer either? Really interested to know if this is practical.

I am not (I was busy from family travel). But had a discussion with argah and smooth

If you want to ignore people's question please refrain from posting in their thread. It's a pretty odd behavior .